How does the leaderboard work in Multiversus? answered

MultiVersus encourages its players to play each match competitively by including online leaderboards. The top 30 players in both individual and team play are displayed prominently for all players, and all other players are ranked numerically based on the quality of their in-game performance. While players may be able to see where they rank on a global stage, many don’t know how that rank is calculated.

How to calculate leaderboard rank in MultiVersus

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Player First Games is particularly strict about how it calculates MultiVersus online matchmaking rating, known colloquially as MMR. While the rank number is actively increasing and decreasing for you and your friends, it’s unclear how individual stats contribute to this number. For comparison, your stats for match wins, opponent rainouts, and total damage dealt are all displayed on the pro stats sheet, which is displayed by clicking on your profile picture.

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This is probably intentional, as the specified ranking qualifications make it easier for bad players to find loopholes in the MMR calculation to force their way up the leaderboards. For example, if ratings were disproportionately weighted to damage dealt, players with lower ratings would play lower-percentage characters with low ringout potential and play more to rack up points than win matches. This takes the main purpose of the competitive scene away from winning and goes towards increasing your stats.

Looking to play a less competitive face-to-face showdown against your friends? Try setting up a few local multiplayer lobbies.

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