How a Rested XP System Works in MultiVersus

Rest XP is a new save mechanic in MultiVersus that you can use to progress your battle pass faster. Many games have something called daily rewards that you often find in mobile games. Daily missions are a very common thing in games like Fortnite, Valorant and more. MultiVersus interestingly combined both of these mechanics as a rested XP. So, in this guide, let’s check how a rested XP system works in MultiVersus.

How Rest Works in XP MultiVersus

how rest works in xp multiversus
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Rested XP works by giving players more XP for daily play. So instead of playing for 4-5 hours in one sitting, the game encourages you to play short sessions on a daily basis. It is indicated by a pink counter below the Play button on the main screen. When it’s in effect, you’ll also see a pink icon next to your daily tasks.

This meter depletes every match you play. So make sure you complete your missions while they are valid. It runs out in every mode, meaning it will run out whether you complete a free match for 1v1, teams, or all modes. Once you reach zero, you will no longer get 2x experience in your matches.

But don’t worry, it’s not gone forever, and there’s a way to refill it.

How to refill Rest XP

You can refill your rest XP without playing the game. It might sound counterproductive, but that’s how you fill it. Once the rested XP meter is completely depleted, you will have to wait one full day, i.e. 24 hours, to get this bonus back.

How to use it effectively

Here are some tips to help you make the most of your rest XP.

  • Don’t exhaust it: As explained above, if your Rested XP reaches zero, you must wait 24 hours. So instead, play a few matches and complete as many missions as possible while still having Rested XP.
  • Change your missions: Change daily tasks that you don’t like or can’t do by repurposing. If you get easier tasks, you should be able to complete them before the pink meter runs out.

That wraps up this guide on how the Rest XP system works in MultiVersus. I suggest you check out our other guides as well How to test for MMR and How to play ranked mode in this game. And get to know us for more help MultiVersus guides.

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