Chris Chan’s case is being investigated by a grand jury

Online sources claim that a grand jury will look into Chris Chan’s case. A Reddit user announced today that the blogger’s case has been “cleared to a grand jury,” according to confirmation from a legal clerk. There is no online evidence of an official announcement of the same. However, online users think the reports about the YouTuber’s possible experiment are accurate.

Christian Weston Chandler, aka Chris Chan, was arrested in August in Richmond, Virginia. The writer was detained without bail after the disclosure of the cases of a sexual fight with his 79-year-old mother suffering from dementia. The Internet celebrity admitted that he had sex with his mother “every third night” during a phone conversation.

In a recorded phone call, Chandler claimed that her mother “made the first move” and was “somewhat confused” by the act itself. He also claimed that it “took a few tries” to get it right.

The Greene County Sheriff’s Office confirmed Chris Chan’s arrest, announcing in a Facebook post that the blogger had been charged with felony indecent assault. It is not yet clear if Chandler has been charged with additional crimes.

Reddit user u/pt924 recently shared a conversation with a law enforcement officer in which he inquired about the status of Chris Chan’s hearing. In this message, the Reddit member stated:

“The case has been certified for a grand jury,” he said. Okay, everyone, Chris Chan will be on trial.

The platform user stated that he fully understands that other online users do not believe him. However, “this is what I got when I called”.

SmokeyMcC, a YouTube user, today uploaded an audio clip of a conversation with a law clerk in a video titled Chris Chan Is Going To Trial – The Prison Saga. The clerk also claimed that Chandler’s case had been “certified to the grand jury.”

What is a grand jury? All the details on Chris Chan’s prospective trial

According to Merriam Webster, a grand jury reviews the evidence gathered against a suspect in a criminal case. After examining the evidence, if necessary, formal charges will be brought against the accused and subsequently they will be tried. The grand jury on the website is as follows:

“A jury that investigates the charges against people accused of a crime and, if the evidence proves it, issues formal charges on which the accused are later tried.”

Despite reviewing the evidence presented against the alleged perpetrator, the jury does not ultimately determine the nature of the alleged crime or the perpetrator. Their sole responsibility is to decide whether charges can be brought against a person at the outset of the case.

The grand jury has the power to subpoena witnesses and obtain any relevant information.

At the time of writing, neither the number nor the identity of the jurors in the Chandler case was known. Jury deliberations were not recorded for public viewing, and this information was not disclosed.

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