Big Mouth K-Drama Release Date, Time, Lee Jongsuk Cast and Where to Watch It

Lee Jongsuk returns to K-Dramaland with MBC Big mouth and the show’s stunning previews got the internet talking. Here’s everything we know about the latest Disney+ K-drama release Big mouth, including release date, time and of course the plot.

Along with Lee Jongsuk, Girls’ Generation’s Yoona also caught the eye as the lead actress. The SM Entertainment multi-talent has already wowed fans with a string of roles on shows like rain of love, prime minister & me, The K2, the king in love and the silence.

Lee Jongsuk has been one of K-drama’s most recognizable faces for over a decade, starring in award-winning shows like Pinocchio, W, while you were sleepingand Romance is a bonus book.

Screenshot of Lee Jongsuk from Big Mouth trailer, Disney+ Singapore YouTube channel

Big Mouth release date and time worldwide

K-Drama Episode 1 Big mouth airs on MBC on July 29 at 9:50 p.m. KST/8:50 a.m. ET.

Later, the subtitled drama will be available on Disney+ in multiple countries.

Watch Episode 1 on Disney+ Hotstar here.

Yoona in the Big Mouth trailer screenshot, Disney+ Singapore YouTube channel,

plot and cast

Written by Kim Ha Ram and directed by Oh Chung Hwan, Big mouth is the story of a lawyer, Park Chang-ho, known for his nickname Big Mouth. But due to an unfortunate situation, he is mistaken for a genius con man named “Big Mouse”.

Lee Jong Suk’s first appearance as Big Mouth stunned viewers as the actor pulls off one of the craziest performances of his life, and the contrasting shots of Big Mouth and Big Mouse show off his acting range in the drama.

Yoona as Go Mi ho, Chang-ho’s supportive wife, is a nurse, and like the former, she doesn’t back down. A Korean report revealed that the drama will unveil a new side to Yoona’s acting as she fully immerses herself in the character.

The drama’s supporting cast includes: Now we part and It’s okay not to be well Star Kim Joo Hun as the aspiring mayor of Gucheon, Ok Ja-yeon as Hyun Joo-hee, Do-ha’s wife, the director of Gucheon’s hospital, and a host of famous cast members from K-Drama.

Check out the full cast list here.

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Where to see Big Mouth

Lee Jongsuk Big mouth will air on South Korean television MBC. International fans can follow the drama in multiple countries on Disney+ and Disney+ Hotstar.

Check out the preview of Big mouth below.

Watch Big Mouth on July 29 at 9:50 p.m. KST on MBC and later on Disney+.

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