Beyonce Sings Of Jay Z’s Infidelity, 2014 Elevator Fight On New Album

Beyoncé She may have dragged her husband unconsciously Jay Z After addressing her alleged cheating scandal and infamous feud with her sister Solange, she returned to the elevator on her new album Renaissance.

The 40-year-old singer released her seventh studio album at midnight on Thursday, but fans got to hear it earlier after it was leaked online on Tuesday.

The mother-of-three addressed her two-decade relationship with the rapper on several tracks on the album, singing “Nobody’s Perfect,” adding that they “don’t need the world’s approval.”

Beyoncé explores her husband’s alleged infidelity in her new album

She previously touched on her husband’s infidelity in 2016, when she referenced “Becky the Good Hair” on her Lemonade album.

Jay-Z himself addressed the scandal the following year, saying he “went into survival mode” and needed to “emotionally shut down” which led to his betrayal.

“We don’t need the world’s acceptance,” he sings in a new song.

Beyoncé also scrutinizes the media coverage of their relationship, singing, “We don’t need the world’s acceptance. They’re so hard on me, they’re so hard on you boy” on the track “Plastic On The Sofa” from their newly released album.

Boy, I know you can’t be yourself, be yourself. And I know nobody’s perfect, so I’ll leave you alone, I’ll leave you alone… It’s the way you wear your feelings on both sleeves, to make a face when I tell you I gotta go you do.” He sings.

Unfazed by the thought of her husband repeating such betrayals, she sang, “I’m one of one, I’m number one. I am alone.”

Don’t even waste your time competing with me. No one else in this world can think like me. I’m twisted, conflicted, keep him involved.

Beyoncé referenced the infamous fight between the sister and husband in the elevator

The singer also mentions the infamous elevator fight between her husband and her sister Solange. In 2014, a video surfaced of Solange attacking Jay-Z at the Met Gala.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z released a statement at the time, calling it a “private family matter.”

In new single “Cozy,” he references the scandal, saying, “He’s a god, he’s a hero, he survived everything he’s been through, sure and deadly.”

“Can I suggest you don’t fight with my sister because she’s easy going. I’m comfortable in my skin, I’m comfortable with who I am.”

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