Best combos 2, 3, and 4 for Finn in MultiVersus

Finn is a killer in MultiVersus who can be a dangerous opponent when used with the best combos. Below I have suggested some combinations that are more suitable for beginners. He has powerful attacks that you can follow up with other attacks or specials. And when you do it right, you deal a lot of damage to your opponents. So without further ado let’s check out the best 2, 3 and 4 hit combos for Finn in MultiVersus.

The best fin combo list for MultiVersus

multiversus best combinations of fin

Here is a list of the best combos you can use for Finn in MultiVersus:

  • 2 Tap Combos
  • Hit 3 Combos
  • Hit 4 Combos

First you need to practice the following combinations in The Lab. Once you’re sure you can execute them in time, you can start using them against other players online. I also suggest checking out our guide on this Best points for Finn. With those perks and the combinations below, you should be able to get the most out of Finn.

2 Tap Combos

2 kick combos here rely on throwing the opponent into the air and then following them up with an attack.

  • First composition: Ground Up + Air Up. You start by hitting your opponent with the Slasher and then use the Sky Punch.
  • Second composition: Earth up + Air down. Hit your opponent with a Slasher and then follow it up with a Ground Chop.
  • The third combination: Top ground + air side. Again, start by hitting your opponent with the slasher and then attack with the flying sword moves.

Hit 3 Combos

Here are some 3 successful combos you can use for Finn.

  • First composition: Ground side + ground up + air down. Start with The Sword Stuff then use the Slasher and finish with the Ground Chop.
  • Second composition: Ground side + high ground + air side. For this combo you also use The Sword Stuff and then Slasher, but this time finish it off with Flying Sword Moves.
  • The third combination: Ground side + ground above + air above. Finally, the basic pattern for this composition is the same as the previous two. You start with Sword Stuff and Slasher but end with a high attack which is Sky Punch.

Hit 4 Combos

These are some of the most powerful combos you can use for this character.

  • First composition: Ground side + ground above + air above + air above. A simple four-hit combo, you start with The Sword Stuff and Slasher. Next, hit them with a Sky Punch and finish off the combo with a special Soaring Backpack Attack.
  • Second composition: Neutral attack + ground + ground + special air. Start this combo with a simple Chop, then follow it up with The Sword Stuff. Now use the Slasher to send them into the air and finish off the combo with a high backpack attack.

This list covers the best combos to use with Finn in MultiVersus. If you want to try other characters, I suggest you check us out The best character row list For them. And if you need help with gifts, check out our best gifts amazing woman, BatmanAnd superman.

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