Alice Krige, ‘Trek’ Borg Queen, spooks again in new film


Alice Craig and Patrick Stewart in a scene from Star Trek: First Contact.

Alice Courage once again terrified the audience. A veteran actor with a loud voice Alpha memoryportrayed the Borg Queen in Star Trek: First Contact and the Star Trek: Voyager series finale, Endgame, and provided the voice of the character for Star Trek: Armada II, the Borg Invasion 4-D attraction on Star Trek: The Experience in Las Vegas and most recently an animated episode of Star Trek: Lower Decks in the new horror film She Will, now in limited release in the US and UK, starring Malcolm McDowell, another Star Trek veteran. he does. Internet movie database, the incarnation of Dr. Tulian Sorian in Star Trek Generations. In the film, McDowell’s character, an evil El Orion scientist, killed Captain James T. Kirk (William Shatner).

The story of She Will is based on this movie The official page on the IFC Midnight websiteThe text reads: “An aging movie star (Kriege) goes to the Scottish countryside with his nurse (Kota Eberhart) to recover from an operation. There, mysterious forces of vengeance emerge from the land where witches were burned.” The released trailer of this film shows scenes with Courage and McDowell together.

Craig has played many horror characters in movies from Ghost Story to First Contact to She Will

videoOriginal video Borg Queen Alice Courage terrorizes audiences once again in She Will2022-07-29T16:33:32-04:00

Hollywood Business Journal Diversity, in a review Posted on August 15, 2021, She Will noted, “Wounds, both physical and psychological, heal over time. But whether these scars should be hidden or worn as badges of honor—less evidence of past trauma than subsequent strength and healing—becomes the fascinating dilemma at the heart of Charlotte Colbert’s witty and unique horror-drama debut. , which won the first film. Film Award in Locarno. “O Will” may not be especially terrifying to abusers, rapists, and anyone who’s ever used the phrase “it was a different time” to excuse their past sins, but it’s incredibly well-made, in terms of A rich topic. The legend of the book injects a heavy dose of #MeToo #revenge while applying his sense of humor like a red lipstick smirk on a completely mask-like face. It helps that the face here is that of aging movie star Veronica Ghent, played by the amazing Alice Craig, who has the highest, sharpest cheekbones and the darkest, brightest eyes. The review continues that Veronica died at age 13. He rose to fame years ago starring in a film by acclaimed writer Eric Hathburn, starring the all-star Malcolm McDowell.

Official “Star Trek” site, spoke with Craig in an in-depth two-part interview that aired in 2010. The site noted that while Courage has appeared on stage, film, and television around the world, he is popular among sci-fi and horror fans thanks to the game. His memorable appearances in Star Trek: First Contact, Ghost Story, “Sleepwalkers,” “The Little Vampire,” “Children of Dune” and “Silent Hill” and most recently “Gretel & Hansel,” “The OA” (with Ian ) Alexander, currently on Star Trek: Discovery, and Jason Isaacs, who plays Captain Lorca on “Discovery,” the recent “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” reboot. , and other such products. He was asked if this realization was bothersome, perfectly fine with him, or a phenomenon beyond his control.

Other actors have played other Borg queens on Star Trek, but Kriegh was the first

videoOriginal video Borg Queen Alice Courage terrorizes audiences once again in She Will2022-07-29T16:33:32-04:00

“I think I’m of two minds about that,” Kriege replied. Often the characters you play in the genre, like in Silent Hill or First Contact, are big characters. They are like Shakespeare’s women like Lady M. However, people have seen the other effect as well. Of course, there is a more organized fan base for genre works. But if someone stops me and says “Oh, you were the Borg Queen” or “You were a ghost?” They also often say, “And I saw you in this and that and that and really enjoyed you in that.”

“So determining the amount of (genre projects) is what people know me for or not, especially because they’re part of a highly connected and organized fan base,” he said. “They come forward and say hello, which I really like. I do not see it as an intervention. It’s nice to know that someone saw something I made and enjoyed it.” ‘Trek’ Borg Queen Alice Krige is back in a new horror flick.

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