A dark future awaits Pakistan

Pakistan is at a crossroads as most paths lead to more disaster than has been seen in the past six months.

Politics, accustomed to arbitration, does not find it now. According to the Express Tribune, there is little chance of political actors agreeing on important issues.

Moreover, the army and its leadership have been maligned at will for the past six years. This happens after any insinuation from the leadership of the army constitutes deliberate subversion, sedition and disruption of military order. According to The Express Tribune, it is now a daily fodder.

However, the military has politicized itself enough to be fair game, something to think about and deal with.

But in a country where institutions have been forced to help govern, their need to arbitrate when politicians are at loggerheads never goes away. The Express Tribune said, “With such malicious and vicious attacks on it, the army has been literally neutralized.”

Besides, making the courts controversial is the next trick. The focus is on the subversion of the judiciary in the public’s lack of cooperation to make decisions in favor of the parties.

The inability of a political system to solve its own problems means that the courts are called upon to arbitrate. They are then framed for activism and judicial coups in the public narrative when decisions do not go their way. The Express Tribune said this is patent blackmail.

In an environment where the economy is on the brink of collapse, the risk of default looms, Punjab’s 120 million people have been without a functioning government for the past four months, the military is fighting a rear-guard action against terrorism in its midst. And the international environment is weak, fragile and politically and economically heavy on us, governance is an inefficient institution while politics is fratricidal and predatory at best.

There is no institution left that is not stained. So insinuation and slander is complete. In the meantime, the crisis only deepens and throws us from all sides.


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