xQc criticizes broadcast snipers for smashing MultiVersus with spam invites

. Last update: July 28, 2022

Twitch star xQc has been flagged after persistent snipers bombarded him with spam calls at MultiVersus to the point of his game crashing during the July 27 broadcast.

For years, streamers big and small have had to contend with the occasional troll that takes the banter way too far and for too long. This type of online viewer can be a huge inconvenience to broadcasts, from simply derailing broadcasts to harassing talent on air.

Unfortunately, it’s something that big-name broadcasters are all too familiar with, such as xQc, Pokimane, and more famous faces who have tried it in the past.

While trying out Player First Games’ feisty WB player, MultiVersus, the French-Canadian player noticed too many repeat names in the massive wave of invites it was getting.

xQc is still an annoyance like everyone else, but he’s an experienced streamer so he kept his cool most of the time. However, he had some words for the snipers after they broke his game.

He said, “I literally broke my game, I don’t know anyone who thinks this is funny. I didn’t get it. No games to play, or whatever f**k. I can’t do sh*t.

“How many have complained about getting a game we can actually play, people making me crash and the king trying to do something to make me stop?”

The invites piled up since the start of the stream, but they finally made it crash after going through the leaderboards and lists while the right side of its screen received more and more notifications.

For the majority of the three-hour play, the broadcast heard nothing but the sounds of calls from the match between all of his matches.

MultiVersus has gotten great reviews but it’s still a new release, so this might be something the developers are looking at to help streamers from problematic viewers.

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