Xbox is getting 3 great PlayStation exclusives from Annapurna

Ray gallops on a space cloud in key art for Solar Ashes.

Image: Annapurna Interactive

Thought E3 was over? I see! A month after Jeff Kelly summoned the entire gaming industry to Los Angeles for a week of marketing, Annapurna Interactive hosted a belated party. Its annual showcase. Today, over the course of 30 minutes, the indie publisher took a look at what’s in the works for his unconventional portfolio. Before you ask, no, there is no news about the sequel Stray. Come on, people, take it Only came out. However, there is much to write home about. Everything important is organized here, from great to less.

Three new PlayStation games are coming to Xbox

Since the launch of this console generation, Annapurna Interactive has released three brilliant games on PlayStation: no wayan atmospheric archery action game; replicaGage returns with a heartbreaking narrative. And Solar asha sci-fi platformer from the people who made it Hyper Light Drifter. (All three are also available on PC.) Now, the trio’s console exclusivity deals are gone:

  • no way It will be released this winter for Xbox and Switch, no specific date has been set yet.
  • replica It will pick up Xbox and Switch, and will also be added to Game Pass, Microsoft’s hugely popular on-demand games service.
  • Solar ash Coming to Steam on December 6th. (On PC, it’s currently only available on the Epic Game Store.) It will also launch Game Pass later this winter, but there’s no date yet.

Monopoly screw console. It’s good when more people get a chance to play.


Thirsty Suitors will be released in 2023, demoing today for PC

Thirsty suitorsthe next game from the creators Age of Falconsfinally has a release window. It was first revealed during the 2021 Game Awards, the multi-genre RPG is now slated for release next year for Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, and PC. It’s a long way off, yes, but in the meantime, a demo version is available on Steam today. Earlier this summer, I played a version of this demo at Tribeca. It is doping.


Hohokam The developers are working on a multiplayer game

flock A multiplayer game about getting lost in the wild wilderness and collecting flying animals that you just ride on. It is being developed by people who have worked together before Hohokam, a relaxing PlayStation game where you control a colorful snake creature and move around a beautiful and colorful space without any goal or purpose. This is probably The most interesting game of all timeOr at least from the last console generation.

Oh, yes, speaking of Hohokam Available now on Steam.


look back It will be published next week

A clearly tear-jerking narrative play look back It will be released on August 4th for PC, Switch and iOS devices. Last week, a representative from Annapurna Interactive told me that this is the kind of game that makes me emotional. It was unclear whether the statement was directed at me personally or was intended as a description for a wider audience.


What Remains of Edith Finch It’s getting a next-gen port

First person narrative game What Remains of Edith Finch, released in 2017, is getting a free next-gen upgrade. Like most next-gen upgrades, it brings the game up to standard 4K resolution at a frame rate of 60fps. Available today.


Wild outsideBoth

will be availablee on September 15. There was no update on the news about the incoming switch port, though It was announced during a Nintendo Direct last february


Kentucky Route Zero The developers have a new game in the works

Cardboard Computer, the three-player team behind the must-play indie gems Kentucky Route Zerois working on the new game, but hasn’t shared any information on the name, genre, or release date.


Bounty star It is a mechanical shooter

Annapurna’s portfolio gets a lot more hits than misses for me, but that’s because the publisher specializes in headline fare that you rarely see in the AAA space. Bounty starA third-person shooter appears to be planned for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox (where it will be released as part of the Game Pass library). Although it has elements of building and farming, it feels like you spend a lot of time piloting a mech and using it to shoot nondescript enemies.


lost savage A survival horror game about escaping from dinosaurs in a forest at night

Watch the trailer above. Yes, no, no! no no no no


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