WWE reportedly booked Logan Paul clips carefully to avoid outright boos

. Last update: July 28, 2022

WWE is said to be very careful about how they book Logan Paul in the lead up to Summerslam to ensure he doesn’t get booed every time he steps out in the ring during live shows.

On the latest edition of Monday Night Raw, the show opened with Logan Paul and The Miz in the ring. Neither of them got a proper introduction or exit which is common practice when it comes to opening a wrestling show.

Logan Paul has officially signed with WWE after his amazing stint last year during Wrestlemania. While his previous looks made him play heel, WWE wants to push him as a lovable kid this time around.

However, according to Dave Meltzer Wrestling RadioThis was a deliberate move by WWE to avoid Paul being booed as he entered. Later, on the show, Paul was directed by The Miz during a segment.

When The Miz hit him with his skull-shattering end, the audience started chanting “again.” The WWE world is clearly not buying Paul’s role as a baby face as the company had hoped.

The transition isn’t going as naturally as they would like so Milter’s comment reinforces the idea that WWE is doing everything they can to reduce the chances for Paul to get booed from fans.

The move to make Paul a lovable character is surprising given how easily he won over fans as a heel. And while The Miz may be a wonderful bad guy, he has now reached a point in his career where he is so likable that even when he plays heels, the audience still takes root for him.

Time will tell if WWE fans stop booing Logan Paul. However, with Summerslam only two days away, it is unlikely that he will be able to win them over before his big match against The Miz in PPV.

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