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The city of Windsor is conducting an alternate route study to improve traffic flow on Colorado Highway 392 as work continues on other highway improvement projects.

In the 26.2-square-mile city of Windsor, located between Greeley and Fort Collins, major east-west thoroughfares are significantly impacted by through traffic, according to a news release from the Windsor Engineering Department. Eric Brock, a Windsor transportation planner with 40 years of experience, recently worked on the permitting process for a new pedestrian improvement installed at 5th and Main streets, approved by the Colorado Department of Transportation.

Now, continuing his partnership with CDOT, Brock is working on a study of alternative routes to improve Main Street traffic — funded by Windsor’s 2022 Capital Improvement Plan. The budget includes $100,000 to study the alternative route, the release said.

The Alternative Route Study collects data, using geofencing technology, related to intra-city and intra-city traffic. The data will help the Windsor Town Board, Sheen Hill Town Manager and city planners and engineers determine whether staff are looking to improve traffic flow on the south or north side.

However, after the study was completed, staff said it was possible that both options might need improvement at some point.

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The study isn’t the only thing being done in Windsor to improve traffic flow on the highway.

Staff are working on a preliminary design for the future widening of Klo 392 between Highland Meadows Parkway and Colorado Boulevard, on the city’s west side.

Along with assistance from CDOT, engineering staff completed a land and environmental survey. Those involved in this project determined that widening the highway section with a bridge, a pedestrian underpass, a hill and a flood plain would be expensive, but the investigations showed that it is possible.

According to this news, after the completion of the design phase, the construction of the road will begin with future funding. The cost of widening this section of the highway is estimated at 20 million dollars, excluding the expected inflation costs.

The city’s east side is also seeing traffic-related improvements, including design improvements to the intersection at Colo. 392 and Hollister Lake Road. Additionally, ongoing work on the section of Colo. 392 between 17th Street and Colorado Boulevard is expected to be completed in the fall.

In total, staff budgeted $2.55 million for 2022 traffic flow improvements in Colo., the release said. 392 have considered.

Before work began on Clo 392 in Windsor, city staff held numerous events and meetings with the public, stakeholders, the planning commission and the city board. Feedback and events contribute to Windsor’s 2020 Transportation Master Plan.

In 2019, CDOT also conducted a survey with results influencing the proposed O Street connection between Weld County, Greeley and Windsor.

Bracke will continue to collect data and study east-west alternatives at the same time as other staff and contractors working to improve the traffic flow of Kilo 392.

For more information on the Windsor Transportation Master Plan, visit

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