Who is Charlie Evans and where does hacker Hunter Moore help now?

The Internet’s Most Hated Man is now available to watch as a three-part documentary on Netflix.

The new Netflix show will tell the story of Hunter Moore, who in 2010 founded a website called IsAnyoneUp.com, which became a hub for “revenge porn.”

Viewers will find information on the site about the views of their victims as well as those who helped remove Moore from the Internet forever.

Charlie Evans was working with the internet’s most hated man, one of the hackers who helped Moore access more content for his perverted site.

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hypnotic | Official Trailer | Netflix




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Who is Charlie Evans?

Although Moore was already making a lot of income from the candid photo submissions she received on her site, that wasn’t enough.

To add to this, they decided to hire Charlie Evans as a hacker to get more photos. However, Evans was doing so in a way that was by no means legal, with the 26-year-old hacking into women’s email accounts for Moore’s website to gain access to nude photos of them.

One of Evans and Moore’s victims was Kayla Law, and her nude photo ended up on IsAnyoneUp.com, although she never emailed it to anyone but herself. At the time, his mother, Charlotte Law, a former private investigator, took matters into her own hands.

When Charlotte finally gets involved with the FBI, Evans is eventually caught by Agent Jeff Kirkpatrick. Kirkpatrick found Evans by searching his email address and tracing his name.

It was later revealed that Evans was being charged $200 a week to hack these emails, eventually convicting him of unauthorized access to a computer system to obtain information and identity theft in general. He was sentenced to one month in prison.

Hacker attacks the internet

Charlie Evans talks to CNN about his activities

In 2015, Evans discussed why he was engaged to Moore.

He told CNN he set out to break out with Moore because “job means money.” He also said: I was in a bad place. Just got out of rehab. I stayed at home for eight months. I was fired from my job for drinking alcohol.

Evans also told CNN that he met Moore the same way he treated these women – by hacking into them.

The 38-year-old also released a statement to his victims:

“All I can’t say is that this will be enough. I mean, when I’m outside, I dream a lot. And I thought, When I’m outside, I dream a lot. [of prison]If I could meet some of them and look at them, it scares me. It’s just hate in itself. And the

Where is Charlie Evans now?

Evans’ whereabouts in 2022 is currently unknown, and his social media presence is inaccessible to the public.

The heavy effects of his crimes are likely the reason Evans has kept his name out of the spotlight, unlike his partner at the time Moore, who remains very active on Twitter.

Since he only spent 25 months in prison, Charlie could have been released by 2017, no longer in prison.

In other news, fans say the new Roblox death sound effect looks like a whine after the word ‘Oops’ was removed.

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