‘Unfair and inaccurate’: Robb Elementary School Principal Retracts Inquiry Committee’s Conclusions About Security Flaw

Mandy Gutierrez has been on vacation since Monday.

SAN ANTONIO – In her first public statement since being granted paid leave this week, Principal Rob Mandy Gutierrez told Texas House of Representatives investigating the May mass shooting that it was “unfair and inaccurate.” their interim report To conclude that the school has a ‘culture of complacency’ with regard to security.

However, this wording does not appear anywhere in the report. What the 77-page document released last month claimed was a “culture of non-compliance” when it came to safety flaws that exacerbated the death toll on May 24, when 19 students and two teachers were murdered in Robb.

In her letter Wednesday to the House Inquiry, Gutierrez said she sought to “provide any additional information that may clarify the comments and conclusions” contained in the report, for which she was interviewed. The bulk of this supplemental information focuses on Rob’s classroom door, which the report concluded “may not have been locked,” indicating a faulty mechanism.

However, Gutierrez fights this assertion. In the letter, she wrote that the door should be able to close due to daily checks by guardians and the fact that “the teacher in charge of that class has complained on more than one occasion that due to the door being locked, his work day has been interrupted because the printer for many classrooms was in that room.”

Regarding the door being defective, the principal did not write that neither she nor her predecessor had “any recollection or record of those complaints” from the teachers.

Gutierrez also outlined the report’s comments about not using the intercom system to inform Rob’s shutdown alert.

“The reason for this is that I have been trained not to use the PA system in these situations,” she wrote. “Our training confirmed that using a public address system could exacerbate the problem by creating panic with students and alerting one or more gunmen who were present to cause the most damage.”

(Read Gutierrez’s full speech below.)

Gutierrez, a veteran CISD school combatant in Uvalde who has just completed her first year as Robb’s principal, ended her letter by saying it was “unfair and inaccurate” to conclude that she was satisfied with the security issue.

“I will live with the horror of these events for the rest of my life,” she concludes. “I want to keep my job not just so I can provide for my family, but so I can continue to be on the front lines helping the children who survived, the families of all those affected and the entire Uvalde community I love and want to continue protecting.”


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