Twitter is testing a new ‘status’ feature, but users want circles instead

Twitter recently tested several features and now, some users can update their status in the app from a predefined list. However, other features of the platform seem to be in more demand than the latest Circle,

The app confirmed to Tech Church that the new “Status” feature is being tested and is only available to a select number of users based in the US and Australia.

While some people think that funky statuses can make their profile look attractive, “as”sillyfor the rest Here’s everything we know about the new feature on the microblog site.

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What is the status of Twitter?

Like the status on any other site, Twitter’s new feature allows its users to express their mood and thoughts by adding a status from a predefined list.

This basically means that you can only choose from the statuses that appear in the dropdown menu and you cannot customize them.

Available statuses include Spoiler Alert, Need Advice, AMA, Hot Take, Vacation Mode, Living the Dream, Shower Ideas, and Unpopular Opinion among others.

While Twitter declined to comment on the size of the group for which the feature has been made available, it confirmed that the feature is only experimental and will be removed once it is done.

So, if you’re lucky, you might have an option to add a status right below your tweet.

Circle was introduced before Twitter Status

Just a few weeks ago, Twitter introduced Circle, a globally tested feature that is only available to certain users.

This is similar to the “Close Friends” option on Instagram and allows you to include up to 150 members in your circle. Only added members can see what you tweet.

Tweets shared in the circle cannot be retweeted and all information you post is limited to the group.

Every time you write a tweet, you have to select your audience, and you can’t have more than one circle at the same time.

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Rating every fight with Love Island – The Eric Show





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Users are not too excited about the new feature

Twitter is currently testing Status and Circle, and users have already decided which feature they want.

Many people on this platform have stated that they want circles instead of status.

I got space and twitter status but no ring. Whats up,” said one

Another husband and wife: “@TwitterSupport I wish Twitter circles weren’t this new. “Y’all are just making stuff that nobody wants at this point.”

“Why do I have an option to add a status but not a Twitter circle?” Wrote one

Another tweet Read: “TF is a Twitter status? Give me the circle tweets!”

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