TikTok Star ‘Gena Tew’ opens up about AIDS diagnosis

Social media influencer Gina Teo used her TikTok platform to share her journey and talk about her AIDS diagnosis with fans.

She first admitted that she had AIDS in a TikTok video from March 2022. Tew claimed that she “has been through hell” and is still in “hell”.

Who is Gina Teo?

A social media sensation named Gena Tew has just under 20,000 followers on Instagram and over 401k followers on TikTok. She has been posting videos on social media to update her followers on her journey and discuss her HIV diagnosis.

She added that although Liu’s page is not intended to be a how-to or a documentary, she “appreciates that people are receiving AIDS awareness.” Gina Teo is listed as 27 years old on Famous Birthdays.

Gina Teo denies her AIDS diagnosis

Teo has answered fan queries about her HIV diagnosis and has been transparent about how she contracted it.

I don’t know who gave it to me or where I got it from; All I know is that they told me I had to struggle with it for eight to ten years because I was so sick to death. I was homeless and living in New York City at the time.

Teo claimed that when she was living in New York, she was raped and that she had free tattoos, thus “probably from a dirty needle”.

Gina Steu admits to losing the ability to move

Teo’s ability to move has been affected, and she has provided her online followers with several updates regarding her wheelchair, including a video she posted in May in which she told them she was still unable to walk.

Teo uploaded a video in June from the time she first found out she had AIDS while in hospital. She said she was not able to speak clearly because she was “too weak”.

Teo told her followers she was “still weak” but “trying every day” at the end of June. In July, Teo informed her followers that she can now push herself in her wheelchair.

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