The famous Roblox Oof sound effect has been removed from the game


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If you’ve been around before Roblox For any extended period of time, you will already be aware of one Toys The platform’s most famous (or annoying) quirks: that every time a player died, there was a childish sound playing.

Here it is for those who haven’t heard of it before:

Roblox Death Sound – Sound Effects (HD)

Earlier today, the end of a series of announcements about changes being made to Roblox’s Asset Store, it was a statement from the company saying that the famous voice should now be removed from Roblox completely, and it has already been replaced by a new ‘default.

Regarding sounds, due to a licensing issue, we removed the “oof” sound from Roblox and created an alternative virtual sound that plays today.

If you are familiar with the issues with this sound effectA, that’s because this isn’t the first time Roblox Had problems using it. No “oof” sound was made by anyone in Roblox; It was actually made by Tommy Tallarico, a former video game author and Recently the CEO of doomed Intellivision.

As we explained in 2020When Tallarico first discovered Roblox’s use of influence – it was originally made for FPS The messiahIssued in 2000 – reached an agreement with Roblox Where anyone builds a Roblox Game You must pay $1 (or 100 Robux) for the experience to be able to use the voice to create it. Tallarico has also agreed to “develop other paid voices for Roblox.

Clearly something happened to this arrangement – either it expired or there was a disagreement. WI called Roblox for more information. BWhatever the reason for removing the sound, it’s a sad day for a long time Roblox Fans, who must bid farewell to a sound synonymous with the game so that you can hear it in stadiums around the world.


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