Survivors marry after staying away from Bothell plane crash

The couple was already engaged, but decided not to wait any longer to get married after walking away from the accident with only minor injuries.

Bothell, Wash – Their love story took a flight years ago, but has been solidified on Bothell Street.
Small plane Allen Kang and fiancée Rosina Morales were traveling in a crash after losing its engine on July 20 in Bothell.

“The engine is gone,” said Kang, who was piloting the experimental plane.

“The prop was in a dead end,” added Morales, who was with him in the cockpit.

It all started when the couple flew their plane home from Tacoma to Everett after visiting friends.

When the engine died, the plane began to descend.

“At first I got[inhale]like this is scary,” said Morales, who has a background in aviation. “I just remember telling Allen that’s what I trained for.” I love you, just slither. Let’s find the best place to land. “

Paine Field was still about 10 miles away and Interstate 5 was full of cars.

The next best option was the 228th Street Southeast – the arterial Bothell Road which is crowded in the day but not so much at night.

So, surrounded by streets and subdivisions filled with hundreds of homes, Kang made the decision to ground the plane.

“What’s in my head is that the highway is busy and I’m not taking anyone with me. We and no one else,” said Kang, who has been flying for six years.

They cut some power lines but ended up with minor injuries.

“I consider him my hero, to be honest,” Morales said. “He’s a hero who saved many lives that night. I think he made our relationship that much stronger.”

So strong, only 5 days later the couple got married on the beach in Steilacoom.

They were already engaged and planned to tie the knot about a year from now, but after getting away from a plane crash together… why wait another minute?

“At the end of it, we were like, ‘We just survived the worst thing anyone could experience,’ the couple said sarcastically. Let’s do it.”

Now, the pilot and co-pilot begin the life of husband and wife; The ultimate wedding smashers.

“It was a very scary moment but it helped me cherish my life more and cherish our relationship together,” said newly named Rosina Kang.

Her husband added, “I can’t imagine what I would do if I were alone.” “I was lucky to have her there.”

The NTSB and FAA are still investigating the cause of the engine failure.

there GoFundMe To help pay the couple’s medical bills.

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