PlayStation 5 graphics, playlists, features are getting better

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Sony this morning Announced which offers a beta version to test a bunch of fan-requested new features for PlayStation 5. These features include manageable playlists, the ability to run games at 1440p output, and little quality-of-life features for those who enjoy it. They play with their friends

Although this version of the PlayStation 5 software is still in development, Sony gave the community a preview of what to expect. The biggest upgrade is the advent of 1440p output, which brings PS5 games closer to what they look like on a PC. It’s only available for games and screens that support 1440p mode, but it allows players to downscale from 4K to improve details like anti-aliasing. After the new version is released, you can check the screen compatibility directly in the system menu.

The PS5 also introduces game folders, which Sony calls “game managers.” In years past, there weren’t enough games to justify having folders on a console. Now, beta testers can create up to 15 game lists with up to 100 titles each. You can add physical, digital, and streaming games, and you can add them to multiple lists. The update also adds other interface features such as 3D and stereo audio comparison and the ability to choose your own custom settings. And helpfully, if you stray from a big AAA game in the middle of your campaign, the PS5 hub will tell you which quest or activity you last stopped at.

New social features are also coming in the update. You can request that friends share their pages, receive in-game notifications when someone in your party starts the right game, view new friends’ profiles more easily, and send stickers and voice messages.

While these multiplayer features aren’t groundbreaking for those playing games on PC, they do show what Sony is building on. More serious steps To the world of live service games its efforts They have not been without hiccups, but the company has spent a lot of money to make the console a better ecosystem for games other than the big-budget single-player blockbusters the publisher is known for. During A financial call In May, Sony told investors that the Bungie acquisition would help the platform bolster its live streaming capabilities.

Only pre-selected players will be able to try out these features ahead of the global launch “later this year”. If you’ve been selected for the beta, you’ll find an email in your inbox today.


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