MultiVersus: The best movie franchises

MultiVersus is a free crossover game released by Warner Bros. Here, you can play any of your favorite characters from DC Comics, HBO, Turner Entertainment, and Cartoon Network. In the game, you will find two characters from Mystery gang. One is disheveled and the other is a reliable and smart book-reading film. While Shaggy is known for being a character on the run, Velma has always been on top, ready to use her wits and save the day. She can be very fun to play with her cool moves and detective skills. Although there are some very powerful basic attacks, if you are looking to add some extra perks and make it even better then this is the guide for you. Here are the best perks of Velma in MultiVersus.

What are the best perks of Velma in MultiVersus?

Best movie franchises in MultiVersus

The Velma class is support and so it works best as a long-distance fighter. She definitely packs a punch but her strength lies in throwing projectiles and harassing the other team. With these two things in mind, here are the best perks to boost Velma and her battlefield moves in the game:

  • Knowledge is power – This is one of the Velma توقيع Signing Privileges in the game. He. She Velma 7 ally grants gray health For a few seconds once you collect a piece of evidence. Being a supportive fighter, this helps her get a clue that eventually calls the police and can take an opponent (if they can’t escape) faster.
  • Lesson A lesson, too Signature feature in the game. This feature will Give Velma one piece of evidence Since the beginning of the game itself. This helps her collect all the evidence as quickly as possible.
  • killing shot – This feature will Increased damage of your team’s projectiles by 5%.. If your team consists of Velma and Assassin or Mage, you can easily take full advantage of this feature. use long range attacks To make the most of this feature.
  • sniper gun shirt – This is another feature that will Increase your projectile damage by 5%. This feature works on far away enemies. Since long range attacks are Velma’s prerogative, this shouldn’t be a problem for those who are used to playing with her. When you combine this with support words, calculated victory, motivational speaker, etc., you will be able to significantly increase the damage dealt.

While on the surface it might not seem like anything special, these perks definitely stack up. They are all very rewarding and you’ll be a fairly balanced duo on the field when using the same thing.

Genghis comrades! That was all there was to know about Velma’s best franchises. Try these perks to see if they suit you and your playing style. If you want to know how to make the game more fun, check out this guide Best Multiversus mod.

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