‘Masked Toast’ reveals broadcast difficulties: ‘I’ve lost my mojo’

. Last update: July 28, 2022

After Disguised Toast decided to extend his stay in Japan, the broadcaster revealed that he was struggling to create content.

Jeremy ‘Disguised Toast’ Wang is one of the most popular games Twitch Banners It has garnered 2.6 million followers since its inception. The creator is known for his calm personality and comedic streams with OTV members.

The group recently took a two-week trip to Japan, which proved to be an incredible and life-changing experience for Toast and his friends. However, the streaming device has now revealed that it finds it difficult to create new and exciting content.

Masked Toast reveals difficulties in broadcasting

Like most Twitch streamers, there are times when coming up with ideas can be difficult. This is especially true when broadcasting every day without any real interruption. Well, a hooded toast recently announced to his fans that he is finding it hard to get back into the rhythm of things after his stay in Japan.

“I’m sure there is content out there somewhere but I can’t figure out how to create content anymore,” Tost said. “You know why? It’s because it’s been three weeks since I made content and I forgot how to do it, especially IRL content. So, I’m in a lot of trouble while chatting and I don’t know what to do anymore, I lost my mojo.”

Like, sometimes I think to myself, like, ‘Why are people watching my content? “It’s so weird. Why do you watch a guy eat Disneyland snacks? Why have a million people watched me eat Disneyland snacks? I’m in my head again, I always do it now and then,” Tost explained.

“I try to think about why people watch me and try to play it. Between us is easy because I know why people watch me being smart, but when it comes to IRL content, I wonder why people are watching me. It throws me away.”

It remains to be seen if he takes a break from broadcasting, but for now, it looks like Toast is figuring out what his next moves will be.

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