Kerala government to launch alternative forums for Uber, first; Online cab service to be launched in Kerala Safari next month

Thiruvananthapuram: The Kerala government is set to come up with a ‘Desi’ alternative to the popular online taxi by launching its own e-taxi service from next month, which is the first such initiative by any state government in the country.

The online taxi rental service, named as Kerala Safari, was launched by the state labor department to connect the existing taxi networks in the state with the aim of ensuring safe and conflict-free travel of the public at affordable rates prevalent in the state.

Addressing the press here, Minister of Education, Labor and Skills Development, V Sivankutty, said the unique service was also envisioned as an aid to the taxi business sector, which is facing many challenges at present. The new service will be launched at a ceremony to be held at Kanakakuno Palace here on the first day of the auspicious Malayalam month of Chingam, which falls on August 17.

“This is the first time a state government has launched an online taxi service in the country. This is probably the first such system in the government sector in the world itself… Completely safe and conflict-free travel is the promise given by Kerala Safari Sivankote said.

He explained that the government is invading the e-taxi sector, which is dominated by multinational companies, given the welfare of the workers, and said that it has been known that there is a difference of 20-30 percent between the rate received by car transport workers and the price charged from passengers in all countries. Online taxi services.

He said that as people prefer to use online taxi services more nowadays, many traditional taxi stands have disappeared and a large number of auto transport workers are unemployed. “In this circumstance, the Ministry of Labor decided to launch an online taxi service in the government sector, in recognition of the need to change the sector of car transport workers according to the needs of the times,” the minister said.

He said Kerala Motor Transport Workers Welfare Fund Board is the implementing agency, which will operate with the support of departments such as legal metrology, transportation, IT, police, etc. He said Kerala Safari will only charge an eight percent service fee in addition to the rate set by the government, which is between 20 and 30 percent in other online taxis. The minister added that the amount collected as a service fee will be used in the implementation of the project and promotional incentives for travelers and drivers.

Noting that the Kerala Savari app will be safe for women and children, he said that it has been designed with great care in compliance with safety standards. A police clearance certificate is mandatory for drivers who join the programme, Sivankote said, adding that the app also has a “panic button” feature that can be used in case of any accident or other similar danger. “It was decided to implement the scheme across the state.

Presently up to 500 taxi drivers within Thiruvananthapuram Corporation are members of the scheme. The minister added that officials in various departments have trained them in various fields.


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