Instagram changes in 2022, backlash as CEO explained

Over the past few months, Instagram users have been frustrated that the app keeps introducing new features that no one likes.

The change did not go well with users who turned to Twitter and TikTok to complain, and some even threatened to remove the app.

This week, backlash spread when Illuminati, photographer and Instagram user, posted a post in which she wrote: “Recreate Instagram.”

“Stop trying to be TikTok, I just want to see cute pictures of my friends,” she said, before adding in the caption that she “started a movement” to “take back old Instagram.”

The post has been liked by more than two million people and shared by many celebrities, most notably Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian.

In response, Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri has taken to Instagram to address the backlash once and for all — but what exactly are the changes everyone is complaining about?

Here is a full explanation…

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Instagram replace hate people in 2022

In May, many Instagram users around the world started noticing that their app suddenly looked different and didn’t like it at all.

That’s because Adam Mosseri took to Twitter on May 3 Advertising Lots of new changes have been made to the feed to make the experience more ‘immersive’.

First, it revealed that posts were getting bigger and would take up more screen space, appearing in a larger 16:9 ratio, with captions appearing at the top of the image instead of at the bottom.

Additionally, many people started seeing ‘recommended’ posts from people they don’t follow in their own feeds, which many people found very disturbing.

“A big part of the bottom line is the recommendations, the things we think you might like but you may not have heard of yet,” the CEO said.

Adam Mosseri also revealed that “video” is becoming increasingly important for the future of Instagram, adding that the app is moving to a place where video is “a huge part of the home experience.”

Instagram CEO addresses backlash

Adam Mosseri took to Twitter again this week, after an overwhelming number of complaints on social media Known Response.

There is a lot going on on Instagram at the moment. He said, before “clarifying” a few things.

He revealed that the new full-screen version of the feed is just a “test” for a small percentage of users because he believes the new design could be “more fun and attractive”.

However, he added that it is “not good yet” and added that they “have to get it in a good place” if they choose to roll it out to all users.

Then, the 39-year-old addressed people’s complaints about the app’s transfer of video content and made it clear that it would always continue to support images.

He said the photos are part of the app’s “legacy,” but revealed that over time there will be more and more videos on Instagram where people like, share and consume them.

How to customize your recommendations

Finally, he addressed comments on the recommendations, saying that the idea was to help you “discover new and interesting things.”

However, he admitted that Instagram is doing a “bad job” because many people see recommendations in their feeds that they don’t care about.

Therefore, he urged users to “exclude” recommendations they don’t care about or even “remind all recommendations for a month”.

To remind you of recommendations, click on the three dots in the right corner of the post. Then select “Not interested” and select “Post all suggested posts in the feed for 30 days”.

Adam concluded, “There are a lot of changes at once, but you have to know that many things about Instagram will stay the same.”

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