How to invite and add friends to play together

MultiVersus creates a great opportunity for fans to play with friends in 1v1 or 2v2 matches for free! For those who are just getting started with this game, here’s how to easily invite and add friends and play luck (locally or online) together in Multiversus.

How to invite and add friends in MultiVersus

  • First of all, make sure you and your friends get a file Warner Bros. account. head for And subscribe from there.

How to add MultiVersus friends

  • Now download the game and Click the + . button on the main screen.
  • Should See your friends list – Including people you’ve played with recently. Scroll to an option WB friends online (i.e. your friends via the platform) or friends online (the platform) and Invite someone from there. Choose the friend and tap Invitation to the game from the popup.

How to send a multiversus friend request

  • To add new friends, Head to the social tab (triangle on playstation), Enter the player’s name and press search.
  • Once you get to the right profile, Click the icon to send a friend request.
  • Once you accept them, they will join your team and you will see their character next to yours on your home screen.

How to play Coop in Multiversus (online and locally)

local multiplayer

  • From the main game screen, tap File start button.
  • Switch to a file custom tab By pressing R1 on your PS controller.

How to add friends Play Local MultiVersus

  • Click local play.
  • Now you should see List of available characters. Choose your fighter and let your friend do the same. Sure By clicking on the box.
  • Change match settings From the new window that appears and Click Done.
  • Select perks, choose the map and you are ready to go.

Online multiplayer

  • Click on File game button.
  • then who Online tabDetermine Normal.

How to play Coop vs ai online MultiVersus

  • From here, you can choose a file CO-OP vs. AI Option to play casually against bots with a friend. You can also click File difference situation if you like.

This is how to invite and add friends in Multiversus to play together. While you’re here, check out how Play 1v1 like that. And to find out the best perks for all characters, go to Multiversus guides.

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