House of Gaming has joined Blockchain Venture Studios Bluewheel Capital and Wharf Street.

House of Gaming, a next-generation technology company aiming to develop eSports in India through its three verticals, Indian Gaming League, Hefty Games and GameGods, has partnered with Bluewheel Capital to bring Blockchain gaming to the mainstream. The forum aims to gain recognition for House of Gaming’s recent investment in Age of Tanks (Bluewheel Capital) and Epiko Regal (an Indian mythology-influenced fantasy world created by Wharf Street Studios).

The alliance with Bluewheel Capital and Wharf Street Studios further strengthens House of Gaming’s efforts to support and embrace Web3 gaming worldwide. The purpose of this collaboration is also to launch and strengthen the Gaming & NFT ecosystem of Hefty Games with exclusive P2E (play for money) tournaments. Further enhancing interactivity in addition to the existing collection of Lokesh, TSG, Gyan, AS Gaming, and Team Orangutan Elite, House of Gaming also plans to release NFT trading cards that allow gamers to own collections of their favorite gamer.

Hefty Games has established itself as a one-stop shop for all forms of digital art in the blockchain gaming world thanks to its partnership with Polygon and eDAO. Polygon, which is also the leading Ethereum scaling and infrastructure development platform, helps engage gamers and bring them closer to industry giants such as Hindustan Talkies, a media conglomerate, and Hungama, one of South Asia’s largest digital media entertainment companies. Hefty Games aims to push things forward and keep them going. Expanding partnerships in the world of collectibles and blockchain, this collaboration will help India realize the positive economic impact of blockchain gaming while transforming House of Gaming into a multi-service entertainment app.

By helping to develop the most diverse portfolio of gaming titles through the blockchain community, House of Gaming will promote itself as a powerhouse for providing entertainment across eSports, gaming and blockchain technology.

Yash Periani, one of the founders and CEO of the gaming company, commenting on this forum.

Our strategic alliance with Bluewheel Capital and Wharf Street Studios is a gateway to newer means of engagement in the eSports community. With the widespread adoption of Web 3 games, more momentum and scope has been added to this segment. We look forward to making a strategic impact to enhance the future of gaming.

Sharing his passion for the community, Agarwal, CEO of Bluewheel Capital,

Our partnership with House of Gaming helps drive engagement and allows players to turn blockchain into a potential source of revenue. With the increasing problems of digital currencies and web 3 games, its true potential remains unrealized. This collaboration will revitalize the industry to create an advantage in the NFT space.

Commenting further, Wharf Street Studios founder and CEO Venkatesh Krishna Murthy adds,

“Our partnership with House of Gaming only increases our chances of expanding the blockchain world and making NFT Games an important source of revenue distribution for the upcoming gaming influx. Epiko Regal is one such competitive title and we aim to make this game a significant contribution to the blockchain ecosystem.

House of Gaming recently partnered with blockchain giant Polygon to introduce gaming NFTs through Hefty Games. Following Hefty Art’s recent announcement of bringing MF Husain’s paintings into the Metaverse, its collaboration with Polygon and eDAO will help gaming enthusiasts to join industry giants like Hindustan Talkies, a media group, and Hungama, one of the largest Digital media of South Asia will be closer. Entertainment companies

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