Half a million dollars worth of Pokemon card just happened to be stolen

A stack of Pokémon cards with sleeves scattered on my desk, then professionally cropped.

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We are an odd type, with our penchant for rarity, even if that rare item is a piece of cardboard with a cartoon on it. So Christopher Polidoro, 62, of South Carolina allegedly broke into his home, and his $500,000 deck of Pokémon cards was stolen.

Polydorou isn’t just someone who pulled a deck of cards out of his attic and got lucky. Insurance broker, as reported smoking gunA collector of many types of cards, he stores his collections in a temperature-controlled room inside his 6,800-square-foot waterfront home. Pokémon cards are placed alongside traditional cardboard decks, such as baseball, soccer, and basketball cards, and occupy a dedicated room in the seven-bedroom accommodations.

Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office Report From July 13 it states that the department received a phone call from Polydorou, alleging that “an unknown person entered his collection room and removed a box and a half of collectible Pokémon card [sic] worth half a billion dollars.” Fortunately for Polidoro, and what was left of the sanity left on the planet, the “billion” was an officer’s mistake, and the actual value of the stolen cards appears to be up to half million dollar. However, he also said TSG That it was actually three stolen boxes, not a box and a half.

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Polidoro went on to claim that the only people who had entered his “collectibles room” (which I very much hope would be equipped with invisible lasers) since October last year were “men from HVAC” (conditioning repairers), hired by his adult mother of Age 91 years old.

Talking to smoking gun, Polidoro explained that these were sealed and unopened chests of more than 20 years of cards, including a “Valuable Japanese Edition”. As such, they can of course contain single cards Equal to close to the estimated total value.

Recent years have seen the value of Pokémon cards become a bit ridiculous, pretty much swelled by millionaire youtubers Not having enough real problems in their lives, thus seeing the value of certain cards go up exponentially. It’s clearly an unsustainable bubble, not least because it’s not a self-renewing market (your new card today won’t be worth $500,000 in 20 years), but the Polydorou Collection would have been one of the few remaining sealed squares of early cards still You have this potential value.

The Pokémon Company has also made a focused effort lately to deal with the speculative market, and is said to be keen on How to print more cards in hopes of helping curb shortages that drive up prices.


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