GTA Online is better than ever after the new update

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Today, Rockstar Games released what could be one of the Bigger and better updates Grand Theft Auto Online saw years ago. While it might not add something as big and flashy as a casino or luxury yacht, the new “Criminal Enterprises” update expands a huge roster of old content, adds new quality of life changes, and even adds a brutal new secret agent mission line. It also looks like Rockstar is taking a big step towards ensuring that GTA Online Stay at least for a few more years.

play the newly patched GTA Online On my PS5It’s almost hard to believe Grand Theft Auto Online It was released on Xbox 360 and PS3 in 2013. It’s easy to forget the game’s age, and this latest update seems to acknowledge that after nearly a decade of updates, Rockstar’s online MMO needed some love and attention to help deliver it all.

The idea of ​​the criminal enterprise revolves around a destructive heat wave that sweeps Los Santos and the surrounding countryside. On top of that, rising gas prices are causing all kinds of panic — and creating new criminal opportunities. Amidst this chaos, there are rumors of a conspiracy and the Iraqi Antiquities Authority (GTA ‘A copy of the CIA) needs your help to stop everyone behind the price hikes and all market manipulation.

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Oddly enough, perhaps the most exciting change is the new ability for players to complete most business activities, including selling missions, inside invite-only lobbies. With this change, Rockstar is finally allowing single players who need to sell stolen goods – but also hate trolls or heartthrobs – to escape pesky attacks that can wipe out hours of grinding. It feels like Rockstar is finally giving players what they’ve long wanted, even if it just makes the game “easier” or less social.

In fact, that’s an ongoing theme throughout this update: Rockstar is giving gamers what they’ve been asking for after all these years. For example, starting today, you can now Jogging inside the casino and nightclubs. Small change, sure, but holy shit makes a difference. It was amazing to be able to get to my nightclub office in a few seconds as I could run to the big daily casino wheel. beautiful things.

Another long-awaited addition that this update brings are new dresses and hairstyles for female characters. I feel it’s still not enough, but it’s better than nothing. I’ve already seen players complimenting the new dress To get a really good look After years of players sharing their resentment With no nice options.

Rockstar has finally added shortcuts to snacking and wearing armor. Before that, you had to navigate through several different submenus to access either item. This was tough in a gunfight, and it always felt so stressful that I assumed Rockstar designed it this way to discourage people from snacking or changing armor during combat. But now, all it takes is a simple button press with the weapon wheel open. I assumed this change would be a big one, but playing the new missions with it was shocking. I can’t believe we’ve all spent nearly a decade torturing ourselves with submenus.

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As for the new missions, I haven’t finished all of them yet, but I enjoyed it as a great distraction from all the business-related content in the update. Most of this stuff is nice, with more ways to make money than old and new rackets. However, I do not play GTA Online Just to grind moneyI play for fun, and these new IAA missions are a great blend of combat, stealth, story, and humor. Nothing really incredible, but easily some of the best calling quests in a while, and a nice way to really flesh out this massive update.

I would expect some gamers who focus heavily on math to discover that new job options or tasks aren’t actually as effective as running the same robbery or payphone mission over and over again. They will probably bemoan this update. me on the other hand? I’m excited to play more GTA Onlineas these changes help give me more things to do solo and more ways to make money and have fun.

The update isn’t perfect, as the new action rifle is rubbish and IAA missions may end up being too annoying for some players. But for now, it’s very nice to see Rockstar come back and improve the content that already exists instead of just blindly adding more. If Rockstar intends to keep it GTA Online It lasts for a few more yearsI guess, I hope we get more updates like this one that focus almost entirely on making the game more fun while delivering the content players have been asking for since 2013.


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