Greekgodx has condemned the second Twitch ban in the past month

. Last updated: July 28, 2022

Twitch has once again banned Greekgodx from the streaming platform.

This is not the first time the streamer has been banned in 2022 and his latest suspension ends in early July.

And it looks like he’ll end the month that way after his second suspension in 30 days was upheld.

Below, in a tweet from StreamerBans – A platform that monitors which accounts are now only available for time machine viewing – Greek was banned again on July 28th.

Why is Greekgodx banned on Twitch?

No official reason for the ban has been confirmed at the time of writing.

However, the ban comes hours after a clip from Livestreamfails was upvoted thousands of times. Appeared to show Greek making fun of a passing family during an IRL stream.

If it involves “obnoxious behavior and harassment,” it may violate Twitch’s community guidelines.

particle for direct object The instructions stateHateful conduct is any content or activity that promotes or encourages discrimination, humiliation, harassment, or violence based on the following protected characteristics: race, ethnicity, color, caste, national origin, immigration status, religion, Sex, gender, sexual identity. Sexual orientation, disability, serious medical condition and veteran status.

Greekgodx responds to Twitch ban

There have been some suggestions that he is mocking an Asian family, however, the Greek has responded directly to the accusations.

He said: “It’s funny because the family wasn’t Asian. It was a geek family that spoke Greek. And to assume they’re Asian is in itself very wrong. My family members are Asian. I was raised to be a racist.”

“I make random noises and people think I’m racist,” he continued. What has happened to this world.”

His most recent ban on Twitch was for a rant that included criticism of other streamers and comments that some viewers considered sexist.

Whether this latest ban is enforced due to hateful content remains to be seen.

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