FaZe partners with the NFL to bring the 1ON1 Destroying Series on the road

. Last updated: July 28, 2022

FaZe Clan and the NFL are taking the next step in their partnership by teaming up to bring the popular Destroying 1ON1 series to stadiums across the country..

Soccer star and FaZe member Donald ‘Deestroying’ De La Haye has been combining the sport he loves with a unique type of content creation for years, and now with the help of the National Football League, he’s on his way to bring that crossover directly to Bring fans. .

self 1ON1 serieswhich pits talented offensive and defensive talents against each other mano vs. mano, has already crossed paths with the NFL, but now they’re taking it to the next level.

FaZe Destroying partners with the NFL for the 1ON1 Series Tour

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The 1ON1 series is an intense series of challenges with varying degrees of difficulty.

De La Haye’s 1ON1 video series is some of the most popular content on his channel. The concept pits wide receivers and defensive backs against each other in several skill-based matchups.

The show has even featured current players like Tyreek Hill and legendary talent like the Atlanta Falcons and Philadelphia Eagles Quarterback. Mike Wickwho entered the field in March to throw some passes to rivals.

The latest partnership between the NFL and FaZe will see Team De La Haye make two stops across the United States, first in Miami on August 5 at the Dolphins’ Baptist Health Training Complex, followed by a gathering at Ford Field in Detroit. . Michigan, on August 6.

Fans can attend the show for free, and if they’re looking for a shot at the big time, they can even compete as long as they’re not currently enrolled in high school or athletics.

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