Elden Ringpop the turtle wins the death match by doing nothing

Elden Ring's Miriel the Turtle Pope takes on a dragon.

screen shot: Bandai Namco / BjornTheBear / Kotaku

The animal kingdom is a wild beast that doesn’t care about kind creatures, or at least that’s the only way I can mentally justify the YouTuber’s reasoning. BjornTheBear It can make a messy situation like this. Bjorn decided to find out what would happen if you put each one in Alden ring An animal in an ultimate death match, and unfortunately that list includes none other than everyone’s favorite turtle, Miriel.

Meryl is one Alden ring Character found in a church who can teach you spells and charms, sometimes sharing insights into the nature of faith and the greater lore of the lands between. He’s also a soft giant turtle wearing a pop hat, so natural Alden ring Fans love this guy. In fact, Miriel is so beloved by the community that there was widespread panic when it was revealed that some crazy people actually set out to kill her just to see what would happen. It was a pretty terrifying prospect because Miriel has a lot of health points, so anyone who wanted to take her out had to really commit to the act. And then, to add insult to injury, Meryl’s death ends with a horrifying scream that really shows that you’re a horrible person who doesn’t deserve the guidance of grace.

ULTIMATE Battle Royale of Animals – Elden Ring

But how will Miriel behave in front of other creatures Alden ring? In this video, you can see him on a battlefield that includes everything from dragons to Scary Rune Bears. At first, it’s almost confusing to watch: while everyone attacks each other, poor Miriel just shakes.. He does not attack, even when multiple enemies attack him.

However, as if protected by Marika herself, Miriel ends up Survive That initial battle is precisely because he chose peace over violence. While everyone else was busy taking up arms, the AI ​​seemed to slowly forget about anything that didn’t move. The first battle ends in a draw, but more importantly Miriel walks away a little scratched, but alive

Does it sound like cheating? My friend, you belong to Lindel Sewer. Miriel shows her dominance in the second round, where, might I add, every enemy is actually a tougher version of the ones in the “tie” round. The increase in power leads to the betrayal of all of them, though the finalists end up killing each other, leaving only Miriel behind.

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It reminds me a lot of those classics Mario party And Smash Bros. Videos where characters like Luigi emerge as winners by not playing the game. Galactic brain crap really.

like the BjornTheBearHe goes on to say that he implements more Deathmatch changes, including one where everyone is scaled to the same power level. The Pop Turtle doesn’t always survive, but let’s never forget that Miriel is the moral victor here.


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