Dallas Love Field Airport Video: How It Happened

Dallas Police Chief Eddie Garcia scrolled the media through the footage, which showed a woman wearing a hoodie and mask walking to an area near the southwest box office.

DALLAS – Police on Tuesday released surveillance video of the shooting at Dallas Love Field Airport, showing a chaotic and tense scene where a woman fired a gun, travelers took cover and an officer responded with the shooting.

Dallas Police Chief Eddie Garcia swiped the media through the footage, which was edited by police and contained no audio.

The video showed a woman wearing a hoodie and mask walking to an area near the box office in the southwest.

Dozens of people were standing in the area with their bags at the ticket booths. The area is located next to the security barrier at Love Field.

The video highlights the suspect – identified by police as Portia Odufuwa – and a Dallas police officer.

The suspect then raised a gun in the air and fired three shots into the air, according to Garcia. Travelers scattered in the area and took shelter. The officer took a stand behind the ticket booth.

Then the suspect pointed at the officer. Police said in an affidavit that they shot the officer, according to ballistic evidence collected at the scene.

The officer returned fire and the suspect got down and began crawling before stopping.

The suspect was shot in an area between ticket counters; An employee from the southwest can be seen to the left of the suspect fleeing behind the table.

At least one passenger can be seen huddled behind a booth between the officer and the suspect.

It appeared that the suspect continued to move her legs on the ground, but she was staying in the same area. The other travelers in the area continued to retreat and try to hide.

Then a second officer approached where the first officer was standing, both pointing their weapons at the suspect. More officers arrived at the scene.

The suspect was then taken into custody and taken to hospital for treatment.

Approximately 14 seconds elapsed from the time the suspect raised her arm in the air to the time the officer returned fire and lowered her, shooting her in the lower body.

No other injuries were reported during the accident, which occurred around 11 am on Monday.

An affidavit published on Tuesday shed more light on the incident, saying that Odufuwa had threatened to blow up the airport before firing two shots into the ceiling. The police also later found a bullet “with a trajectory that was located in the booth near the place where” the officer was “hiding”, confirming that she was shooting the officer during the confrontation, according to the affidavit.

Shortly after the woman fired her weapon, the officer, who was unhurt, fired back with several shots, causing the woman to fall to the ground where she was shot in the lower part of her body.

On Monday, Garcia said it was not initially clear where the woman was shooting, or what the motive might have been behind her, noting that the woman’s shots did not hit anyone else at the airport.

The shooting forced airport security officials to evacuate the entire airport and re-screen everyone. The accident led to hundreds of delays on southwest flights, affecting more than 30,000 passengers, as Love Field operations were halted for hours.

Dallas police on Tuesday asked the public for anyone else who might have a cellphone video of the shooting. The police gave a link to where the people They can upload their videos here.

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