Austin Airport adjusts plans to make room for more fuel storage

New reservoirs are already being built.

Austin, Texas – Austin Airport You will have to obtain further approval from city ​​Council If you want to add more than two new tanks for jet fuel.

New reservoirs are already being built.

On Wednesday, the airport CEO sent Message to council members Saying if they want to install more then the airport will have to get a new environmental assessment and approval from the council.

People who live in the area say they have health and environmental concerns about the project. But airport officials insist it is safe.

In the airport chief executive’s note on Wednesday, she said the airport is also considering voluntary residential real estate purchases for homes near the new fuel facility.

After the Austin city council voted in April to move forward with plans for the fuel storage facility, a group of neighbors is now suing. Among the organizations suing are “Residents of Southeast Austin and Organized Neighbors for Environmental Justice” and “People Organized to Defend the Earth and Its Resources.” The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and Billy Nolan, its acting director, are listed as plaintiffs.

An environmental assessment provided by the airport found “no significant impact” from the fuel tanks, a finding approved by the FAA in Order on April 8, 2020. The lawsuit asks the court to set aside this FAA order and request a new FAA review of the project.

The FAA’s website says proposed actions and decisions by FAA officials are subject to review under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).

“Once the FAA determines that NEPA applies, it needs to determine the appropriate level of review,” he said. The site says. “Review types vary based on the FAA’s determination of the potential for significant impacts.”

The suit alleges that the current EA does not meet NEPA requirements.

“The petitioners further request that this court require the FAA to prepare the EA [environmental assessment] To heal all violations of the Nypa Law.”

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