Airbnb host shocked after guests left early after damaging property on viral TikTok

. Last updated: July 28, 2022

An Airbnb host was shocked after a guest was kicked out of her rental after just four hours because of an argument with her husband that ended in damaged property.

As TikTok continues to grow in popularity, more viral videos will appear on the For You page.

Be it the latest dance trend, audio clip or just an interesting story that engages viewers, this platform has it all.

The latest story to go viral on TikTok is ‘therealstaterobinsons’, who were shocked after a couple was kicked out after just four hours because the husband had damaged property.

Airbnb hosts were shocked

Uploaded on July 26, the TikToker shared video and images of the damage to his Airbnb, as well as texts from guests.

The text read: “My husband broke the bathroom door. I’m so sorry. We left early yesterday. Please let me know the cost of repairing it so that we can pay for it. I’m so sorry this happened the door was kicked open so it needs to be replaced. I bear the cost. I’m sorry again.”

The Robinsons responded, thanking him for letting them know and asking if he was okay.

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In this video, damage to the door, photo frame and glass coffee table can be seen.

Viewers were quick to respond to the woman’s concerned comments, with some even offering to donate money to compensate for the damage.

One user said: “If he’s willing to do it in a stranger’s house without fear, imagine what he’ll do to that woman in her own house.”

While another replied: “Yeah – that’s not good. What are you guys doing? It’s hard for me not to call the police.”

A third user, as well as dozens of others, offered to compensate him for his damages as well as the costs of getting him a safe place: “Offer him a place to stay! I would love to help cover the costs so he doesn’t have to. Looks like he’s been through enough!”

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