22 Republican states sue Administrator Biden for right to discriminate against LGBTQ+ students

Republicans have never been accused of embracing people of all walks of life regardless of their race, religion, gender, sexuality or country of origin, but they have been accused significantly and systematically over the past year. Increased Their attacks on the LGBTQ+ community. from trying to ban Trans girls from participating in sports to Vote against Bill to protect same-sex marriage rights, from block Gender-affirming care – and parenthood was investigated For child abuse over it – to hysteria at the mention of the word homosexual, Making life miserable for LGBTQ+ people is basically an official GOP platform now. That is why it is not at all surprising – although it is quite fanatical! – Learning that nearly two dozen Republican states have sued the federal government, demanding the right to discriminate against LGBTQ+ children.

Specifically, on Tuesday, attorneys general from Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota , Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia and West Virginia it is registered A File a lawsuit in courtled by the Tennessee Attorney General Herbert Slattery on the US Department of Agriculture announces In May, discrimination based on gender identity and sexual orientation will now be considered a violation The ninth title, a 1972 law that prohibits discrimination based on sex in “any educational program or activity receiving federal financial assistance.” As part of that announcement, the USDA said that state and local agencies that receive federal funding, which includes schools participating in the National School Lunch Program, must update their policies and signs and address allegations of discrimination based on sexual orientation. and check gender identity. And apparently that was just a bridge for these GOP AGs

“This case is again about a federal agency trying to change a law that is monopolized by Congress,” Slattery said in a letter. Statement. “The USDA simply does not have that authority. “We have successfully challenged other efforts by the Biden administration to rewrite the law, and we will continue to challenge this one.”

Republicans—including those on the Supreme Court—have made it abundantly clear that they want to strip the federal government of the power to govern. So this fight is well suited to that purpose. But it’s clearly two-to-one for these attorneys general as well, because it fits the anti-LGBT+ right agenda.

In response to the strange accusation of the governor of Nebraska Pete RickettsHis claim that the Biden administration is an “attack.”[ing]The ACLU of Nebraska wrote that Title IX’s protections include transgender children.

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