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Closing arguments are set to begin Thursday in the trial of a 38-year-old Windsor man accused of killing his ex-girlfriend in February 2020.

Kaman Morgan, 38, took to the stage on Wednesday to share his side of the story and explain his motives for the shooting and murder of 37-year-old Brie Ann Biondolillo of Greeley on February 24, 2020, at his Windsor home.

Morgan gave his self-defense testimony to someone else—his 3-month-old son in danger and being abused by his mother, Biondolillo—that prompted Morgan to pull the trigger.

Prosecutors argued that Morgan crafted his story after learning about self-defense in the prison library. They noted that he never mentioned most aspects of his account to his family or law enforcement until he began researching self-defense in September 2020.

Weld District Attorney’s Assistant Rob Miller has remained focused on domestic violence in the case, asserting that Morgan hated Biondolillo for moving from their relationship to the next. Evidence of Morgan’s threatening phone calls and text messages to Bindolillo suggests a motive and intent, but defense attorney Amanda Bleiler argued that Morgan did not follow through on the threats he made and did not develop a plan to kill her.

Morgan’s account

Morgan and Biondolillo shared custody of their child, so expect Biondolillo to pick him up around 7:20 p.m. on February 24 after she left work, Morgan reported.

Earlier that day, she asked if she could grab their son in the morning instead, and the two began arguing nonstop all evening about changing plans.

When Biondolillo arrived at Windsor’s house, she knocked on the door and began yelling at him from the door window, according to Morgan. Outside, they exchanged their son, who was in his car seat, before they immediately began arguing about him.

According to his testimony, Morgan told Piondolillo during his testimony, “If anything happens to that boy, I will call the police.” Biondolillo allegedly responded by dropping the car seat to the floor and shouting mean words.

Morgan said he was upset because Biondolillo swung the car seat with their son inside and hit him in the leg.

Then Biondolillo lost his grip on the car seat, and fell to the ground, Morgan said, in his testimony that he heard a moan coming from his son. Biondolillo then reportedly said, “Say goodbye to your son. You will never see him again…at least he is alive.”

Morgan ran home to call 911 but changed his mind and instead took a gun with the intention of committing suicide, he said, and became emotional on the stage.

With a gun pointed at his head, Morgan heard Biondolillo’s scream, and so he went outside with the gun in his belt.

Morgan is accused of pushing their son, who is still in the car seat, in the back of the car without locking him in place. Then Morgan accused Biondolillo of grabbed the car seat and shook him violently, “Say goodbye to your father.”

Morgan said what he did next made him regret it. He testified that since he thought she was harming their child and might possibly kill him, he quickly began firing his gun at her through the windshield. But he said he only shot his ex-girlfriend, not their son.

Within seconds, Morgan saw Biondolillo open her car door and fall to the ground. He said that when he turned the corner of the car, his fingers still on the trigger, he almost set foot on Biondolillo lying on the driveway. He said that through the movements of everything, he accidentally shot Biondolillo in the head.

The next two minutes were for him to drop the gun, grab his son from the car to take him inside, move Biondolillo out of the driveway, and then flee the scene in his car, according to his testimony.

Morgan later confessed to his mother and decided to turn himself in.

When asked by Blair if he had lured Bondolillo to his house with the intent to kill her, or if he intended to kill her as soon as she arrived, Morgan replied, “No.”

“It’s not easy,” Morgan said. “I have to live with this. It hurts inside.”

Kaman Morgan

made up story

Miller wondered if Morgan would expect the jury to believe what he had done was reasonable based on his “other story defense”. Although Morgan said he was a protective father, Miller confirmed that Morgan shot five times in a car with his son in the back seat.

At one point Morgan told Miller that he did not shoot Biondolillo and instead shot it “towards” and “towards” but Miller responded that all six bullets in the firearm hit her.

Prior to September 5, 2020, when Morgan was searching for self-defense at the library, Morgan had never mentioned to his mother, father, brother, or law enforcement that he had shot Piondolillo to defend his son after she rocked the infant, Miller said. Nor did Morgan ever tell anyone about the “accidental” shot that hit her head, or that he initially grabbed the gun to commit suicide or hit him with a car seat.

While testifying, Morgan expressed doubts about his mother’s statements to police officers after turning himself in to law enforcement due to “poor memory”. She said her son wanted to shoot Biondello before she died and that life would be easier without her, but Morgan denied saying so.

“Do you think your mother is making things up to get you into more trouble?” Miller replied back.

Previous threats

Miller’s interrogation began with the assertion that Morgan had threatened to shoot Biondolillo the day before his murder – challenging the defense attorney’s argument that Morgan had never followed through in his threats or had any plans to kill her.

But as Blair moved through a few of his constant threats to Biondolillo, I asked Morgan directly if he had any intention of following through.

“No, it was an empty threat,” Morgan said. “Just a stupid thing you said.”

Although Morgan does not deny making explicit threats to Biondolillo, adding that there were more threats he did not raise in court, he said the threats stemmed from his feelings taking advantage of him during their “controversial and volatile relationship.”

The defense said the defense tried to overturn the text on Biondolillo’s alleged past with threatening comments about suicide, which also included killing their child.

Blair asserted that Morgan was concerned for his child’s safety with Biondolillo in custody. Morgan said his ex-wife had allegedly threatened to harm and kill their son on several occasions. He added that after confronting her with these statements via phone calls and text messages, she did not deny any of them.

One phone call was made from January 28, 2020 to the court where Peondolillo told Morgan how unhappy he was for her, expressing that she had almost tried to end her life by putting herself in the car in the garage and starting it.

“You are offensive,” she said, “you don’t understand.”

“I can’t believe you thought about killing our baby,” wrote a text Morgan later sent out.

Biondolillo’s response did not include any kind of denial of the accusation. A similar pattern occurred in a phone call the next day, when he threatened to bring her to court for saying she wanted to kill their child, but Biondolillo replied, “You’re a drug dealer.”

Morgan sent her again on February 3, saying, “He committed suicide with him? Yes, what a good mother she is.” Once again, Blair argued that Biondolillo never denied his threat to kill his son.

Miller stated that the phone conversation between the two on January 28 only showed that Biondolillo felt suicidal due to Morgan’s abuse and nothing was actually said about their son’s involvement in this attempt to take her life.

However, the defense erected by Morgan’s threats to harm their child came before the phone call.

The topic of abuse and domestic violence pervaded Miller’s interrogation, implying that Morgan’s motive in the murder of Biondolillo made her finally move on from her abusive relationship.

Miller said that the day she received the keys to a new house with her new boyfriend was the same day Morgan committed suicide. Morgan later admitted that “jealousy played a role in this,” with Miller continuing to press the reason behind the act of his ex-girlfriend’s relocation.

The defense rested in his case after Morgan’s lengthy testimony and a brief summons for his brother.

“Only two people can say what happened, and one of them died,” Miller said.

Closing arguments are expected to begin at 1:30 p.m. Thursday in Weld County Courthouse.

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