Will Walter White be at MultiVersus?

The open beta of MultiVersus is now available, letting anyone jump in and start casting a variety of characters. The list is pulled from all kinds of places, leading players to speculate who might appear in the game. An unusual character has appeared quite a lot recently.

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Is Walter White Coming to MultiVersus?

In some ways, it’s a fair question to ask. The MultiVersus roster already includes live characters like Arya Stark from Game of thronesand even real-world athletes LeBron James is now playable. Here’s the thing, though: Walter White, the starring character in Too bad, is the property of Sony Pictures Television. MultiVersus is a mix of Warner Brothers characters. It is highly unlikely that Mr. White will ever appear in the game, despite some strange rumors and memes. Your best bet is to wait for Sony’s PlayStation All-Stars catch-up if you want something like this, and there’s no such game in play right now.

We can not say that the white will Start They appear in MultiVersus though. Datamining actually refers to Wreck-It Ralph and Naruto movie Potentially involved in the game, neither of which is affiliated with Warner Bros. Also – they are the property of Disney and Shonen Jump, respectively. However, the possibility of a methamphetamine dealer with serious anger issues joining the A list Free game to play At least it’s aimed at kids to some extent and is basically zero.

What other characters are coming to MultiVersus?

However, there are still plenty of other rumored and confirmed characters coming to the MultiVersus roster. The Long list of selected fighters Includes additional Game of thrones Characters Daenerys Targaryen, The Hound, DC Comics’ Joker and Raven, Even the titular name is Ted Lasso. Yes, the beloved football coach is also a Warner Bros. character.

At this point, we only have two confirmed characters from the DLC: Rick and Morty of the Adult Swim show of the same name. They will join the roster as part of the first season, which is expected to begin in early August. A stage based on the “Get Schwifty” episode will be added alongside the Spacefaring duo.

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