Who is Lauren Schulkind? Tony Dao’s “troubled” wife thought he was dead

His department has confirmed that Tony Dow is said to be in a shelter and still alive. However, fans were shocked when his wife, Lauren Schulkind, mistakenly believed that her husband had died.

The original post with news of the actor’s false death has been removed from Facebook. In the new post, Tony’s representative claimed that the distraught wife, Lauren, “is assuming that her husband is dead.”

Leave it to the beaver The story of the relationship between the star and his wife is a reminder of true love through joy and sorrow. Lauren and Tony have been married for 42 years.

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Who is Lauren Schulkind?

According to The Sun, Lauren is a mosaic artist who rose to fame after her romance with Tony in 1980.

She was born in New York and is currently 75 years old and her husband is 77 years old.

Although she is not active on social media, she and her husband have made several joint statements together on the latter’s official account on Facebook.

In a post on June 20, which happened four days after their wedding anniversary, Tony and Lauren celebrated their 42 years of marriage with a cute post.

“We got married on June 16, 1980 in Laguna Beach amidst a hermit crab and the tides. 42 years ago! Now we’re having health challenges. Keep Tony in your thoughts. He has another injection of immunotherapy this next week. Hugs and kisses, Lauren and Tony,” read the post. ..

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The actor’s health left the wife worried

Tony is battling cancer. His diagnosis was revealed in May 2022.

He has since been undergoing various treatments, but his daughter-in-law informed the actor that Tony was not feeling well.

The statement read: “This morning, Toni’s wife Lauren, who was in a very distraught state, informed us that Tony had passed away and asked us to inform all of her fans. We are sure you can understand that it has been a very difficult time for him.”

“We’ve since had calls from Tony’s son-in-law saying that Tony isn’t doing well, and it’s not over yet. Tony’s son Christopher and daughter-in-law Melissa are also resting him by his side, and we’ll keep you posted on any future updates. And

Shetland | Series 7 Trailer | BBC



Shetland | Series 7 Trailer | BBC




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Tony Dow is a famous star

Multi talented Tony. He is also an actor, producer, director, and sculptor.

He is best known for playing Wally Cleaver Leave it to the beaver From 1957 to 1963. He later reprized his role in the movie New Leave it to BeaverAnd the

Some of his other films include Dickie Roberts: Former Child StarAnd the Diagnosis: premeditated murder And the Freddy’s NightmareAnd the

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Tony’s net worth is $4 million.

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