Stray tops God Of War with Steam user reviews

Protagonist Stray's cat outshines Kratos from God of War and other popular game logos in Photoshopped.

Look at them go!
picture: Annapurna / Sony / Square Enix / Tuxedo Labs / Kotaku

Stray and his kitten can win literally everyone, even on PC, wherever they are Struggled a bit in the performance category. according to Rankings 2022However, the game’s glowing Steam user reviews now put it above the previous best-reviewed games of the year, including Steam’s critically acclaimed version of 2018’s Big Daddy simulator. God of War and quirky nicknames that are not yet celebrated like PowerWash Emulator And the tearing down. It’s crazy cats! (I am sorry).

straythe first title of French developer BlueTwelve Studio and Los Angeles-based publisher Annapurna, was contagiously popular. Both humans and cats Since it was first revealed in 2020 (development started in 2015). You play as an unnamed cat, accompanied by a friendly drone robot, trotting and roaming a city surrounded by walls in the style of cyberpunk in the distant future when humans were replaced by robots with TVs for heads. The game was released to widespread adoration last week on PlayStation and PC.

BlueTwelve’s narrative cat simulation experience was almost guaranteed to win the “cute section,” but it’s coming for the big boys too. as such Spotted on Reddit a few days agoAnd the strayIt is now the most respected game of 2022 based on Steam user ratings, having just cemented its victory by overtaking Sony titan God of Warwhich was by far the best-reviewed Steam game of the year.

stray was not without Criticism of certain aspects of the gameand even calls for some critical perspective with regard to more detail Historically custom items.

However, it is not difficult to see why. very popular. Although it is a touch short in length, as noted Kotaku Author Ari Notis in review of the gameIn some Undeniably wonderful environmentsFull of delicious opportunities Role-playing as domestica cattus. The game inspires more than a little Modify kind of annoyingsummoning the best players out there Speed ​​through the game without taking a single point of damage.


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