Sharon Stone announced as the new face of Lenscrafters

The Academy Award-nominated star of Basic Instinct and Total Recall, Sharon Stone has been announced as the new face of eyewear retailer Lenscrafters.

The actress is part of the Your Eyes First campaign, which focuses on the experience offered at Lenscrafters. The campaign video shows a gorgeous stoner walking into the Lens Crafts store in an iridescent suit.

Here’s everything we know about the campaign and Stone’s thoughts on partnering with Lenscrafters…

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Sharon Stone is the new face of Lenscrafters

Sharon Stone has been announced as the face of the Lenscrafters 2022 “Your Eyes First” campaign, which also includes a TV commercial. The campaign will also be shown at digital touchpoints in Lenscrafter stores, on the Lenscrafter website, and across the company’s marketing channels.

In the campaign video, Sharon can be seen wearing a variety of glasses from Lenscrafters, including an advanced Ray-Ban circular model that comes in a color combination you can only get from Lenscrafters.

In the campaign video, Sharon joins the lens makers, and is soon helped by a slew of enthusiastic staff. I tried several tires in the store and told a customer assistant that they looked like “the most famous thing I’ve ever seen”.

You can also shop Sharon’s style at Lenscrafters and get a pair of Burberry Evelyn frames for $293.00.

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“A respected and recognized leader”

For Sharon, glasses have become not only a vision solution, but an “enabling outlet” to showcase her personality and creativity as an accessory.

She explained that she was “delighted” to partner with Lenscrafters because they “have always been a respected and recognized leader in the industry” by providing “critical vision care to so many.”

“I am delighted to partner with the brand for the ‘Your Eyes First’ campaign, which shows how the right pair of eyeglasses can provide a whole new touch to improve your style while keeping your overall health in mind. From getting tested to a new frame with lenses tailored to meet the needs of My vision, Lenscrafters provide a personalized and enhanced experience,” Sharon said.

What are Lens Crafters?

LensCrafters is a retailer of prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses. They offer a “full range of premium lens solutions” and have a “wide range of standard and specialty contact lenses available.”

Many of their stores host independent optometrists who use the “latest eye examination technology” to deliver personalized prescriptions.

Since 1988, LensCrafters has worked with OneSight to help students access eye exams and eyeglasses. More than $20 million has been donated to OneSight by LensCrafters customers and employees, and more than 7,000 LensCrafters volunteers work at OneSight Clinics.

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