Save file location for Elden Ring and how to backup

While playing Elden Ring, it will be useful to know the location of the save file. FromSoftware games are notorious for keeping corrupt files. The worst thing is that you lose hours of progress and thinking about the difficulty of these games, you may not even feel like playing again from the beginning. So in this guide, let’s check out where the Elden Ring file is saved and how to create a backup of it.

Elden Ring Save file location

elden ring save file location and how to backup

You can find the save files in the Steam ID folder under the Elden Ring folder. It is not directly identifiable by this name because it is not called Steam ID but rather a string of numbers. Normally you should find it here: C:UsersusernameAppDataRoamingEldenRingstring from your Steam ID

  1. Press Windows key and search for File Explorer.
  2. next one, Click This PC And the Go to drive C..
  3. over here, Click on the Users folder and then Go to your user profile folder.
  4. Currently, Go to the AppData folder. If you don’t see it, you won’t have the hidden items option enabled. Click View and check the hidden items option. You should now be able to see the AppData folder.
  5. All that remains is Go to roaming And the Then the Elden Ring folder.
  6. Here you can find your Steam ID folder. This folder should be 17 digits long. For example, the path should look like this: C:UsersGamerTweakAppDataRoamingEldenRing12345678909876543
  7. The two sl2 files are the save files you’re looking for.

How to make a backup copy of the save file

  1. Go to the site shown above.
  2. Copy the three files you find there.
  3. Create a new folder and paste the files here.

The catch is that you will have to backup your files after each booting session to make sure you have the most recent save. If an error occurs with the corrupted save file, just copy and paste these backup files into the folder of the original save location.

This guide covers where to find the Elden Ring save location and how to back up it. I suggest you check out our website elden ring If you need help with more of these topics.

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