Ryan Reynolds asks Steve-O to eat the world’s best chili in exchange for a spicy TV ad

Ryan Reynolds and Steve O are the current Hollywood couple that fans didn’t know they needed. Their friendship extends to Ryan who challenges Steve-O to eat as much pepper to get a spot to advertise on MNTN.

According to the Guinness Book of Records, the Carolina Reaper is the hottest pepper in the world. According to Steve O, this is the hottest chili you can put in your mouth “legally.” Thanks to Ryan Reynolds, the actor checked it out.

In order to secure a stop on Ryan Reynolds’ TV ad platform MNTN, acrobatic Jackass & Beyond had to take on his biggest challenge on TV – taking full bites from the Carolina Reaper.

However, this isn’t the first time a Hollywood celebrity has touched this extra feat. Last year, he swallowed a whole bottle of his own product, Gnarly. He finished rubbing it in his eyes.

Steve – O eats the most peppers – Thanks, Ryan

If you’re using Ryan’s MNTN, you’ll have to prepare for a hot challenge. Is there anything hotter than Steve-O’s oddly named Hot Sauce for Your Butthole? The answer is yes – and the actor is living proof of that.

On July 25, the 48-year-old sat down with Ryan to create his own ad for his brand Hot Sauce For Your Butthole. Yes, it is a real brand. To directly interact with the hottest sauce in the world, Steve-O was challenged by seasoning it with Carolina Reaper.

“I thought I was here to promote my small business using the MNTN platform,” Steve-O told Ryan after reporting the challenge news.

“You are,” replied Ryan with a laugh, “but we’d also love to see you eat chili.” Steve-O, who was reluctant to take on the challenge at first, accepted the challenge, simply because he “liked it.”

After 48 years, they began eating the most important hot pepper recorded in history. Soon he began to feel a burning sensation and struggled to chew and swallow the Carolina Reaper.

The milk did not help reduce the spice.

Steve put hot sauce in his eyes

As we all know from Jackass, Stevo-O is not shy about taking on a challenge. However, he often takes things too far. Last year, the acrobatic man was seen in the finale of the fourteenth season of Hot Ones. The 48-year-old returned to the YouTube series in 2017 after appearing in the fourth season.

Steve-O gave a live demonstration of such a product while promoting his newest accessory, Gurnly. Having survived all 10 hot sauces, Steve-O promoted his product by chewing an entire bottle and then rubbing it in his eyes.

Realizing that the product that had begun to release the spice got into his eye, the acrobatic man ended the show in the most usual way – taking off his head and watering his eyes. gave. Starr used the moment to promote another business, his podcast Stevo-O’s Wild Ride.

The Carolina Reaper is the hottest chili in the world

Photo by Ben Hesty/MediaNews Group/Read Eagle via Getty Images

It’s very hot. Carolina Reaper has been the Guinness Book of Records Hottest Pepper since 2013. Carolina Reaper, born in Moruga, Trinidad and Tobago 2.2 million shoes (Scoville heat unit).

Grown in South Carolina, the hottest pepper in the world has been called the Carolina Reaper because of its appearance resembling the celebrity Grim Reaper.

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