Pokemon Unite: How to get and use Booster Emblems

With the latest update and the occasion of its first anniversary, Pokemon Unite has introduced an in-game feature of Boost Emblems. These banners can be used to boost your Pokemon’s stats. Since it is a new feature, some players are confused about getting it. Not to worry, here is our guide on how to get and use Boost Emblems in Pokemon Unite.

How to get Boost Emblems in Pokemon Unite

You can get Boost Emblems using the energy reward system, which is the game’s gacha system. So, all you have to do is play random matches and battles to fill power tank. Once the tank is full, you can exchange it to earn it as Energy Rewards. But you can only claim 30 Energy Bonuses for one day. You also need a lot of EOS Energy To claim these energy rewards.

there three levels of these logos. They are gold, silver and bronze reinforcement emblems. there 88% to get Bronze Banners while there is a file 15% chance to get silver emblems. For the last time, there is a file 2% chance For Gold Boost logo.

Pokemon unite emblems boosters
Image source – CrisHeroes on YouTube.

While Boost Emblems are currently acquired through gacha, it may change in the future.

How to use Boost Emblems

There is more 99 batch logos In Pokemon Unite you can use it while Battles. you need to Customize your gear To use Boost Emblems. You can find gear in the same menu where you can find your friends list. Players can equip more than 10 Boost Emblems simultaneously in custom gear. Each Boost logo has a specific color and has a different Effects when downloading. You can also a plus its effects Overcrowding Logo of the same color.

So here are all the Boost Emblems colors and effects:

  • Black: sedative reducing effect.
    • Stack 3 logos of the same color: + 2% lag reduction effect.
    • Stack 5 Logos: + 4% Decrease waiting period.
    • Stack 7 Logos: +8% Decrease waiting period.
  • Blue: Defense effect.
    • When stacking 2 Banners: +2% defensive effect.
    • Stack 4 Banners: +4% Defense.
    • Stack 6 Emblems: +8% Defense
  • Green: Special attack effect.
    • Stack two logos of the same color: + 1% special attack effect.
    • Stack 4 Logos: +2% Special Attack Effect
    • Stack 6 Logos: +4% Special Attack Effect.
  • Orange: attack effect.
    • Stack two logos of the same color: + 1% attack effect.
    • Stack 4 Logos: +2% attack effect.
    • Stack 6 Logos: +4% Attack Effect
  • Pink: obstruction/perseverance effect.
    • Stack 3 logos of the same color: -4% blocking effect.
    • Stack 5 Banners: -8% obstruction effect.
    • Stack 7 Banners: -16% obstruction/perseverance effect.
  • Purple: Special Defense.
    • Stack 2 Banners of the same color: +2% special defense effect.
    • Stack 4 Emblems: +4% Special Defense Effect
    • Stack 6 Emblems: +8% Special Defense Effect
  • Red: basic attack speed.
    • Stack 3 logos of the same color: + 2% attack speed effect.
    • Stack 5 Logos: +4% attack speed effect.
    • Stack 7 Logos: +8% attack speed effect.
  • White: Increase health points.
    • Stack two logos of the same color: Health increases by 1%.
    • Stack 4 Banners: Increase health by 2%.
    • Stack 6 Logos: Increase health by 4%.
  • Yellow: the effect of movement speed.
    • Stack 3 logos of the same color: Animation speed effect increased by 4%.
      Stack 5 Banners: Increase movement speed by 6%.
      Stack 7 Logos: +12% increase in movement speed.

That’s all covered on how to get and use Boost Emblems in Pokemon Unite. If you liked this guide, check out our other guides on Ranking system and how to get it In Pokemon Unite and more Guides related to pokemon Here on Gamer Tweak.

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