News validation: Is Hailey Bieber pregnant in 2022? tiktok pictures explained

TikTok has convinced many that Hailey and Justin Bieber are expecting in 2022 after a photo of her became widely popular on the platform.

Justin and Hailey have been vocal about their views on starting and growing a family. Despite this, the image I found tells a deeper story than you can see right now.

Given how difficult it is to distinguish between fake and real anecdotes on social media, it’s no surprise that TikTok confuses a lot of people.

What is in a TikTok video?

On July 23, two days ago, a TikTok user by the name of danny phantom2pt0 said that Hailey had revealed that she and Justin were expecting their first child.

The article showed a picture of Hailey sitting next to the doctor with her hand on her stomach. On the left side there was a small image of the sound waves.

The video description reads: “Hailey Bieber recently announced that she is expecting her first child with the Beebs family.” The snippet quickly caught the attention of many people and now has over 600,000 views.

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Is Hailey Bieber pregnant?

The image in the video is from a post that Justin posted in April 2019. The singer shared a number of photos, the first of which was the ultrasound image that appeared in the TikTok video.

When the photo was first taken, Justin captioned it, “If you think it’s an April Fool’s.” Although it wasn’t clear why Hailey went to the doctor, she quickly brought down the pregnancy rumors by writing: “So hilarious” in a comment to Justin’s post.

Years later, the same photo is still used to promote speculation that Hailey may be pregnant. In fact, you wouldn’t expect it in 2022.

What did Justin Bieber say about having children?

Justin was very vocal about his views on children and discussed them often in public. Justin stated in one of his appearances with Ellen DeGeneres that he and Hailey would like to have children soon. The singer explained that they would only have children after Hailey felt safe in the relationship.

Justin let Hailey make the decision on how many children they would have because he thought it was her right to do so because it was her body.

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