New FIFA 23 skill moves revealed with a big change

. Last update: July 27, 2022

EA SPORTS has revealed some new FIFA 23 skill moves and changes to how skills work. Here, we’ll run them all.

As this is the final game in the FIFA series, fans around the world can expect to see a series of exciting changes coming out strong before EA SPORTS FC becomes.

In Shuffle, the developers have confirmed an overhaul of several mechanics, with a list of new skill moves announced for the next installment.

One of those skills is left foot skills – a big change – which means a player like Riyad Mahrez or Lionel Messi can switch directions in a more flexible way. This has been a feature that fans have been asking for for a number of years.

The Changes have been detected on July 27, as part of the game’s official promo.

New FIFA 23 skill moves and changes revealed

FIFA 23 players can expect the following skill moves to be included in the game, which they can try out first Early access to EA Play:

  • Left Foot Skill Moves: For the first time ever, left-footed players can use skill moves in their strongest foot, giving them more flexibility when dribbling than ever before.
  • fake shot: Advanced Fake Snaps are coming, available only to “elite” players in FIFA 23. Previously, any player could do this.
  • faint stutter: This allows you to faint in one direction and go in the opposite direction, similar to the ankle cutter in NBA 2K.
  • fake heel for ball roll: This allows the player to use the heel to fake a pass, before the ball rolls in another direction. It seems like a perfect way to take on defenders with fast wings.

Skill moves like this provide an advantage for elite players when trying to break through the defensive lines – and we expect a full list of controls for each of them will be released in due course. When that happens, we’ll make sure to update this page.

Complete list of controls for all skill moves It can be found from FIFA 22 here.

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