Nadeshot claims ‘Instagram is dead’, offers ideas to fix it

. Last update: July 27, 2022

Nadeshot provided his opinion and thoughts on the current calls to renew Instagram, and the list Multiple ways the app fails and offers ideas on how to fix it and get it working again.

The founder of 100 Thieves Nadeshot is one of the latest influencers to throw her hat in the ring and show support for the platform to stop turning into tik tok.

Via Twitter, Nadeshot offered his belief “Spiritually, Instagram is dead.” How the move to focus on reels and videos has turned it into a less polished version of TikTok, something he calls a massive “disgrace.”

It highlights TikTok’s “super algorithm” as something that “essentially makes Instagram unhelpful”. Focusing on the platform reels now makes him feel as if he has “two TikToks” on his phone. This feeling has long since become a popular consensus Instagram users.

However, it does not completely discredit Instagram reels. Instead, Nadeshot says the platform should have had a separate app disabled for the selected content.

“Instagram had to break out Reels as a separate product and app. I’m sure converting to downloads would have been a challenge at first, but I think it could have worked with some patience and persistence.”

These comments from Nadeshot come in light of the many celebrities, artists, and regular users who are calling for Instagram to go back to its roots. a petition The label “Make Instagram, Instagram Again” has hundreds of thousands of signatures in support of this movement.

In particular , Kylie Jenner Join the conversation calling on Instagram to “Stop trying to be TikTok.”

With so many celebrities and major influencers joining this movement, it seems only a matter of time before Instagram responds.

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