Laverne Cox’s twin brother M Lamar reveals ‘Cleaning to Fame’ with inspirational letter

by Korean Atad.

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M Lamar is proud to be the twin brother of Laverne Cox.

On the latest episode of the reality contest “A Claim to Fame,” the 50-year-old revealed his identity as the brother of the Emmy-nominated trans actress.

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“I am a very blessed woman in so many ways. One of the most important is that I have known my brother @lamar_m_lamar all my life,” Cox wrote in an Instagram post sharing a clip from the episode.

“I have no words to express what his words mean to me here on claimtofameabc last night,” she added. “My brother’s love, support, and advice are part of why I am who I am.”

After his identity was revealed, M spoke about his relationship with his sister.

“I am very emotional tonight,” he said, “not because I am leaving, but because I have so much respect for my sister.” “I’ve never talked about her, but since she’s the reason I’m here, I want to say in front of the world, I love her so much.”

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He continued, crying, “I think she’s the most extraordinary person I’ve met in my life. She’s endured all kinds of craziness, and she’s still going. She still stands with dignity and pride, progresses and is an inspiration to many people. Her success is much greater than her. The number of black trans actresses who They’ve appeared on magazine covers, starred in TV shows, all of which weren’t there before my sister.”

Finally, he added, “And I just want to thank and praise her.”


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