Is Instagram really dead as Nadeshot claims and offers ideas to fix it

Nadeshot, a popular former Call Of Duty player and CEO of 100 Thieves, said Instagram is dead, even offering ideas to fix it. Well, the internet these days is full of Nadeshot allegations that Instagram has some serious problems. This is making quite a buzz on the internet, too.

Read on to learn more about Nadeshot’s claims that Instagram is dead and shares ideas for fixing them.

Nadeshot says “Instagram is dead”

While many of you may not know about Nadeshot. However, he is a rising influencer on social media. Who was formerly known as a Call Of Duty player? However, he later came to find 100 thieves. It is a lifestyle brand and gaming organization.

But these days, Nadeshot isn’t heading for his organization. Instead, he recently shared his opinion on Instagram. He said Instagram is dead. Not to miss, these days Instagram is facing a backlash to become like TikTok.

Nadeshot’s opinion and suggestions on Instagram

Via Twitter, the founder of 100 Thieves shared his opinion on Instagram. Where he was also somewhat supportive of the masses who was criticizing Instagram for being like TikTok. As Instagram focuses more these days on its reels department. The true essence of the app was severely affected by it.

In support of the same argument, even Nadeshot said Instagram should have brought in reels in a separate product or app. He added that he appears to have two TikToks on his phone now. Comparing the algorithms of TikTok and Instagram, he even said that TikTok offers a better service in terms of the content he wants.

Instagram faces backlash with its social media campaign

With the introduction of the new approach to Instagram, the users of the app were hating the app a lot. The reason for this is that users are asking Instagram to return to its original form. It was a photo-based app. However, now he is trying to be like a new TikTok.

In fact, to support this demand, a campaign will be posted on social media as “Stop trying to be TikTok”. Many users all over the world joined this campaign. Including some celebrities like Kylie Jenner. Certainly, users do not agree with the current look of Instagram as it relies more on the feature of its reels.

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