How to mock in MultiVersus

One of the most time-honoured traditions in any competitive video game is to show your opponents the best times to them in any way. No matter how embarrassing you are to them, mocking in general is a fun way to quickly see more of your character’s personality. In fighting games like MultiVersus, taunts are done specifically for each character, to show how they would react in each situation. Here’s how to mock at MultiVersus.

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How to mock at MultiVersus?

Mocking a MultiVersus is as easy as pressing a button. When playing on PlayStation or Xbox, just tap the corresponding directional pad direction to use whatever emotional expression you’ve set there. Initially, your default expression will be set to Up. On a PC, the emote controls are set to T (or 1), 2, 3, and 4. Like on the console, press any expression set to that key.

Each letter has a default expression set to Up on the console or T or 1 on the keyboard and mouse. You can change it by going to the group, choosing the character, then choosing their emotions next to their character picture. You can earn more Emotions by leveling up in the Battle Pass or buying them with Gleamium. Unless there is an expression in the free level of the Battle Pass, the only way to get new tokens is to pay real money in the game.

Although some people may be upset about not getting a chance to get new emotes for their favorite character for free, it is important to remember that MultiVersus is a free game and emotes are not essential to your experience in the game. If you’re going to buy Gleamium, spend it on the battle pass or permanent unlock characters before putting it into an avatar.

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