Guild Wars 2: Festival of the Four Winds, start date, events and more

Guild Wars 2’s annual social calendar is full of exciting and fascinating events. Some of them coincide with real events, such as Christmas or Halloween. Others, such as Dragon Bash, are unique to the game and set the atmosphere for past events and future tenses. The last event to decorate the beaches of Tire is the Four Winds Festival. This annual event is held at a specific location that can only be accessed during the event itself. In this guide, we’ll list the events, the start date, and what you can expect from the Four Winds Festival in Guild Wars 2.

What is the Four Winds Festival in Guild Wars 2

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An annual summer event, if you’re in the northern hemisphere, the Four Winds Festival is a mix of retiree events from the past. These previous events, namely Queen’s Jubilee Seen in the latest edition of the Living World season titled unimaginable chaosand the Four Winds BazaarSelected parts have been selected and combined into a single event. The events take place in two areas, Cliffs of the Labyrinth and The Crown Pavilion.

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When does the Four Winds Festival start in Guild Wars 2?

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Four Winds Festival Scheduled to be released on August 3. There may be a slight update when the event starts, which means you’ll need to close your game before you can access the events themselves. Players must receive their invitations to events in their in-game mail.

Events during the Four Winds Festival in Guild Wars 2

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Some of the pre-festival events have subsided over time, but there are a few essential ones to enjoy. Events that took place during the Four Winds Festival include:

  • flappy queen.
  • Aspect Arena.
  • Sanctum Sprint.
  • Scavenger hunt crystal sky.
  • Dolick Flying Race.
  • Skimmer Slalom Racing.
  • Event identification treasure hunt.
  • Labyrinth cliffs Griffon expert.
  • Labyrinth of Cliffs Griffon Master.

Since the introduction of Mounts after the Fire Path expansion, new events have been added to the festival, and filter event It is unique to the Labyrinthine Cliffs due to its location next to the ocean. Players can collect Festival symbols By completing these activities. When participating in events in Divinity’s Reach in the Crown Pavilion, players will win fit wingwhich they can also use to buy rewards from sellers.

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