Dinkum: where to find a glider (website)

Dinkum is a life simulation farming game based on a wild Australian island theme. Our character is a new resident of this island who is on a mission to develop the neighborhood through farming and livestock. The island is free to explore and is full of adventures. The island has a lot of amazing and valuable hidden objects at the same time. Hang Glider is one of those things. Here’s our guide revealing the location of the Hang Glider in Dinkum.

Where to find Hang Glider in Dinkum

Where to find a glider in Dencom
image source – Ginger Empire (Youtube)

As the name suggests, paragliding is a very enjoyable experience in real life. In the same way, Hang Glider in Dinkum brings out the same experience but on the tropical Australian island. Start your adventure by getting the Hang Glider:

  • Gliders are found in deep dungeon mines. Getting there is not as easy as it is Crocodiles and bats lurking In the deep mine.
  • One needs to be lucky Find the Hang Glider hidden behind a locked door Inside the deep mines.
  • Ancient keys have the ability to open locked doors to dungeons. You must have at least 60 ancient keys to try your luck in the deep mines.
  • Barrels buried underground contain these keys. use the metal detector To find and collect ancient keys buried throughout the island.
  • Here is where Dinkum’s Glider can be found. Take off from a higher point and fly around the island for fun and fast travel.
  • Could you Hang Glider sold for 440,000 Dinks at John’s Goods.

That’s all you need to know about Hang Glider and its location at Dinkum. If you like this guide, be sure to check out our other guide dencom guides.

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